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Hollo... HollowLuna

lol the one thing I want for mother's day is a day off and alone not being called mommy... but that kind of contradicts the theme of the holiday, so I'm settling for sleeping in and breakfast in bed

Amanda Brown

What I would like is to be able to look at these funny cards without being redirected to celebrities with smallish breasts because first thing Monday morning I could absolutely care less about the size of celebrity breasts.

nonmember avatar Danie

I can definately relate to some of these however they made me sad more than anything. No one is perfect and I lost my own mother to cancer when i was 4 years old. Later my step mother also died of cancer when I was 13 years old. I have dealt with overbearing Mother in laws so i do understand the frustration. However, Id rather have to deal w a nosy mother than none at all. Try to love the people in your lives even when they drive u crazy, especially mother figures. They only say and do those things out of love

tuffy... tuffymama

My mom has never been nurturing or supportive, and she has even been an impediment at many crucial times in my life, and I still don't want to send her something like this. I wish I had a good mom, or at least a less destructive mother, or even a lucid mil. My mil is so out of it, she's useless to everyone. I've had to mother my inner little girl as I've parented my boys and resolved to be a good mother to them, and that has helped. I know the point of this was intended for humor, but the sanctity of motherhood should never be violated.


These "cards" are meant to be a joke so relax people. I personally like #5, I would send it to my in-law. She has a sense of humor and would love it. We take jabs at each other all the time.

timet... timetogohome

These remind me of my mom she was an alcholic and druggie my aunty rsised me and my still treats me like shit so screw all that nice crap

mamav... mamavaness

lol i love the one 'hoping the kids let you ignore them all day' now that would be a good mothers day ;)

Cindy Powell

These are not really funny.  They are mean and cruel.  But I guess some people had a bad mother.

I was always told:  You can pick your friends, but you can't pick your relatives.  She gave birth to you.

You would not be here without her.  You can respect that and honor her one day out of the year.

Miz618 Miz618

LOL... these are too funny... I wouldnt send them to my Mom, because she is the best mom ever, but, i can say that I have met some ppl w/children, that could use the reality check...lol/too funny

Nancy Merkle

These would be hilarious if they didn't hit home. Not all of us were raised by Donna Reeds. Some of us had mothers that would make Peg Bundy look like Mother Teresa.  When my female parental unit died, I had to ask how I was supposed to feel. Literally, my first thought on hearing she had died was "ding dong the witch is dead!"  Not all mothers are worthy of the love that children have for them. Do not critisize those of us that were abused for trying to gain a little sanity with humor.

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