Teacher Gift Ideas: What They Love & What They Could Do Without

The following is a post from our sponsor, Volunteer Spot.

Teacher Appreciation Week and the end of the school year have families gearing up to give -- to their teachers! As the leading free online coordination tool for teachers and class parents, VolunteerSpot has the down low on teacher gifts, based on feedback from real teachers! While teachers never expect gifts from students or class parents (seriously, they don’t!), if you’re going to be gifting, check out what teachers LOVE and the gifts they could go without.


Gifts Teachers Love:

Cards/Thank-You Notes -- No material gift is going to top a handwritten, thoughtful card or note from your child. Teachers tell us that they actually store student letters and cards and take a peek at them whenever they are having a rough day; it’s a gift that keeps on giving!

Group Gifts -- Get the whole class involved with a group gift! Use VolunteerSpot to coordinate donations -- like sun block, a towel, and good reads in a beach tote -- or collect a small cash donation from each parent to roll-up into a sizeable sendoff to summer! (Be sure to check your school’s policy on giving cash gifts as some have strict limits.)

Gift Cards -- Teachers love gift cards! Consider a gift card to a local restaurant, salon, or movie theatre as a treat, or help extend her summer budget with a gift card for gas, groceries, or a retail store. Presented with a thoughtful notecard ... perfect!

Something Personal -- Does your teacher have a hobby? Consider gifting her with a thoughtful item en theme -- a trowel and gloves for the gardener, new headphones for the music lover, or a reusable water bottle for the runner.

Gifts Teachers Could Do Without:

Apples, Apples, Apples -- Teachers tell us this teacher motif is outdated and overused. Chances are teachers are up to their ears in apple knickknacks from years past, so unless it’s made of solid gold, forgo the apple shaped gift.

Scented Candles & Lotions -- “Sweet honeypea berry cream mango blossom” might be your favorite scent, but that doesn’t mean your child’s teacher will feel the same way. Shy away from very fragrant gifts.

Mugs, Key Chains & Candy -- Your child’s teacher knows she’s #1 and probably doesn’t need a mug to reaffirm that fact. Same goes for key chains and that giant bag of chocolate candy -- it’s going to end up in a drawer or cabinet -- skip it!

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