Dad Arrested for Letting 9-Year-Old Drive His Ferrari (VIDEO)

9-year-old driving FerrariI understand wanting to give your kids everything, but there's got to be a limit -- especially when the law provides a pretty specific age limit. That didn't deter Mohammed Nisham, however, who allowed his son to drive his Ferrari for his ninth birthday.

It wasn't just around some empty parking lot or quiet block, but rather on a city street. He wasn't on dad's lap; he was in full control of the Ferrari, and dad wasn't even riding shotgun. The boy's 7-year-old brother was in the passenger seat. Unbelievable, right? Well, fortunately, the boy's mom filmed the whole thing, so you can see for yourself.


He's actually a pretty decent driver, and heck, why wouldn't he be since he's been driving since he was 5!

After the video went viral, it caused outrage in India, where they live, and charges were filed against Nisham for endangering the life of a child and allowing a minor to drive, according to the Associated Press.

Instead of expressing any kind of remorse, however, his parents instead bragged that they'd also let him drive their Lamborghini and Bentley as well. His mother, Amal Nisham, told NDTV:

It was his ninth birthday, and since he was insisting for months, we allowed him to drive the Ferrari. He is a cautious and confident driver. It's not easy for a child to achieve such a feat at this young age.

Um no, but it's also not easy to correct any damage one may do when raising children with a sense of self entitlement and belief that the rules don't apply to them.

Can you believe these parents?


Image via YouTube

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