Top 10 Most Dangerous Toys for Kids

Nicole Fabian-Weber | Apr 26, 2013 Big Kid

pogo stickAs parents, our number one priority is to keep our kids safe. So, in addition to providing our children with love, food, and shelter, that means we have to be mean sometimes. Sorry, kids! We don't care that Susan from across the street has a trampoline -- you're not getting one!

Some toys will seem like the coolest, most fun, creative thing in the world to your child, but in actuality, they could be really dangerous. We're here to take the guesswork out of things for you when you're at the toy store, because hey, you're a busy parent. Here are the top 10 most dangerous toys.

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  • Scooters



    Scooters are all the rage these days, and with good reason -- they're fantastically fun. But each year, there are millions of scooter-related injuries. In fact, in 2011, nonmotorized scooters were the leading cause of toy-related injury and death. If you simply can't defeat the pleas of you child, please follow proper scooter safety precautions.

  • Trampolines


    There are about 100,000 injuries from trampolines -- every year.

  • Magnets



    Unlike other small objects, when magnets are swallowed, they don't pass through the digestive system. They instead form masses that twist intestines and cut off blood supply to vital organs.

  • Mini Hammocks




    An older child can use a regular hammock, but "mini hammocks" should be banned from the little ones. If the hammocks don't feature spreader bars like in the photo, a child can get tangled up -- and strangled -- when getting in or out.

  • Lawn Darts




    They were banned for a while, but it actually is still possible to get a hold of Lawn Darts, or Jarts. Don't ever buy these. They're darts with little spikes at the end. It's obvious why they're a death trap.

  • Play Swords




    If you give your kid a sword, odds are they're not going to sit there and read quietly with it in their hand. They're going to poke someone's eye out!

  • Small Rubber Balls




    The older your child gets, the less the chance they'll put a rubber ball in their mouth, but there was a case in which a 7-year-old girl sadly died from a freak accident where a ball bounced into her mouth and she choked.

  • Super Pogo Sticks




    Some pogo sticks claim to be able to bounce up to six feet in the air -- don't buy those for your kids. The higher you go, the less control you have, and the more likely you are to crash.

  • Water Balloon Launchers




    Some balloon slingshots are too powerful for their own good. In one test, balloons launched from a slingshot traveled 300 feet at 66 mph. If someone gets hit in the eye, serious injury could result.

  • Inflatable Pool "Habitats"


    There are plenty of incredibly cool-looking inflatable pool "habitats" on the market. The problem with them is they can flip over fairly easily. Kids can injure themselves on the side of the pool, or suddenly find themselves in the deep end, which could be extremely dangerous.

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