6-Year-Olds Given Explicit Pictures in School Sex Ed Class

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birds and beesAt some point, it's bound to happen. Your little kid is going to ask where babies come from. So how will you respond? Will you show them illustrations of adults having sex? Pictures of a woman putting a condom on an erect penis? That's what a classroom of 6-year-olds was treated to as a "sex education" class at their elementary school.

The way parents are reacting is not exactly surprising. They are pissed with a capital P!

After looking at the explicit pictures available over at the German newspaper Spiegel (warning: don't click unless you're prepared for some not safe for work stuff to pop up), I don't blame them. I don't want my 7-year-old looking at pictures of erect penises, even if they are drawings rather than photos.

She's 7! She has plenty of time to figure out how all that works.

But the whole mess at this elementary school in Germany has me feeling more conflicted than I expected.

The truth is, I don't think it's wrong to teach kids as young as 6 or 7 some basic sex ed. They deserve answers to their questions about where they came from, answers other than the ridiculous "the stork brought you."

To me the question isn't whether schools should offer sex ed to 6-year-olds but how they teach them.

We want to keep things age appropriate, and I can't help but wonder if the best way to do that is to let them come up with the imagery themselves. No photos. No illustrations of (shudder) condoms being wrapped around penises.

Just talk to them, pretty clinically, about what happens, and let their little brains draw the pictures in their own heads. It can't get much more age appropriate than a kid using his or her own experiences to create an image in their brain, can it?

Would you allow your kids to see these images? 


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LostS... LostSoul88

Not at that age!

eupeptic eupeptic

Certainly. Children have more respect for adults who are open and honest with them than they have for adults who are uncomfortable with important issues about life and prefer to avoid or hide such things from kids. And the more respect that kids have for their parents the more willing they are to listen to the advice that their parents have to give. Parents who are uncomfortable discussing certain subjects with their kids cause their kids to be uncomfortable about discussing such things with their parents, and as such are more likely to either remain ignorant or seek such information from other sources (such as friends or the Internet).

eupeptic eupeptic

Also, teaching kids that the human body is something worthy of respect (rather than something to hide, be ashamed of, or be disgusted by) is likely to cause kids to have more respect for their own body. The more respect they have for their own body the more likely it is that they will make decisions that display the respect they have for themselves (such as using contraceptives, not having sex at a young age, not doing drugs, etc.)

worki... workingmama86

definitely too young. Totally inappropriate. I think stuff like that should not be the responsibility of a public school to teach. And since schools feel like they are responsible for teaching sex, the classes should only be permitted to students whose parents signed permission for. I would be very angry if a school taught my children stuff like that without my permission. I would raise hell.  

Amber Ortega

I agree that you should be honest with your children, but at the right age.  My 6 year old doesn't need step-by-step instructions on how to make a baby.  

GaleJ GaleJ

Well I have no problem with the content or pictures and would have shown them to my son at that age, in fact we had similar books available at our Montessori school but I do have a question. Granted given that I don't read German I am somewhat limited in my understanding but I would love to understand how they got from the careful use of a condom to a baby, that seems a somewhat mixed and perhaps confusing message. 

nonmember avatar Crys

IN the European countries their ideals on nudity are totally different than here in the states, Which I am not saying in anyway do I agree with showing children (under the age of adult)explicit anything but to be completely honest not everyone sees eye to eye with how others decide to do things in different countries.

Andre... Andreamom001

I have no problem with drawings showing babies growing in a mom, babies being born, etc.  for a 6 y/o.  I do not think a child that young needs to understand the mechanics of sexual intercourse or to see drawings of erect penises or condoms.

Indoctrinating and desensitizing them that young just serves to create customers for birth control and STD treaments.

I would be furious if a school did this to my kids, but thankfully, I homeschool.

Kristie Lee Snyder

I completely agree that children should have their questions answered honestly and be left to contrive their own imagery. But I firmly believe this is something PARENTS should be teaching their kids, not a teacher in school! Parents should decide when and what to teach their kids when it comes to intimacy. I send my kids to school to learn math and language skills; leave the personal stuff to me!

Khadija Ortiz

My mom talked to my about sex when I was 7 because believe it or not that's when I came home and started talking about it. Children are starting to get exposed to it earlier and earlier especially in our sexually driven culture. I would rather have an open and informative conversation with my children even if they seem young then to have them draw their own opinions from what their peers are telling them


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