9 Ways to Spring Into Family Fun

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Ah, spring! Finally we can say goodbye to cooped-up, dark winter days and welcome the warmth and sunshine that April brings. Well, except for those days of April showers, of course. But don’t worry -- we’ve got ideas for some great activities you can do inside and out to celebrate spring! To maximize the fun, make sure the whole family fuels up first with a hearty breakfast, like Quaker Perfect Portions instant oatmeal. Everyone can make their own custom bowl and sweeten their way. Then you’ll be ready to tackle adventures like these:

1) Take a nature walk: Sometimes towns offer seasonal walks or tours for nature enthusiasts. If not, find a scenic spot for a hike or stroll. Bring binoculars and a magnifying glass if you have them to get an even better look at critters large and small.

2) Plant a garden: You can go all out with raised beds in the yard or stick to containers on a patio (or even just a small windowsill garden). Kids will love getting involved from the planning stage onward. There are seeds and seedlings to pick, dirt to dig, and markers to label!

3) Start a rock collection: Look in your yard or wherever you happen to be for rocks of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Kids can curate their own collection in a cardboard shoebox or plastic container. Remember that rocks can double as mini canvases for painted masterpieces!

4) Fly a kite: On a breezy day, head to a field or beach (even if it’s chilly) with a couple of kites and see whose can fly the highest and longest.

5) Visit a local playground that’s new to you: Scope out options online or ask friends for recommendations -- maybe even plan a day trip to a playground that’s a little farther away but has something special to offer.

6) Go on a picnic: Let each child pick a favorite dish or food to bring, pack up the cooler, grab some blankets and a Frisbee, and hit the road! (Combine this with #1 for a fun full-day adventure.)

7) Make an indoor obstacle course: If you’re stuck indoors on a rainy day, help the kids set up a (safe!) obstacle course using items from around the house -- laundry baskets, empty boxes, stepstools, blankets, and more can be used in so many ways. Help them get creative! For a competitive twist, time each child (and adult!) to see who can finish the fastest.

8) Be an Eco-Volunteer: There are often lots of opportunities to choose from. Your family can help clear a trail, clean up a local park, plant trees, and more!

9) Have a jump-rope contest: Here’s another cabin-fever remedy. See who can jump the most consecutive times without stopping, or who can do challenges while jumping (switching to one foot, moving in a circle, etc.).
What are you most looking forward to doing with your family this spring?



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arpazia arpazia


We went to the garden of the gods yesterday..

la_be... la_bella_vita

Almost all of those are our family's favorite things to do

Rushn311 Rushn311


Madel... Madelaine

We like the park

RobynS RobynS

We love to garden and go to the park. I love the obstacle course idea!

sukainah sukainah

We like going to the parks.  What good ideas!

Reina13 Reina13

This past weekend we went on a nature walk and discovered a little pond well hidden. It was really a great way to spend the day. The following day, my husband took our son back with his fishing pole and allowed him to fish for a couple of hours. It is all that my son has been talking about for the last couple of days.

candy... candycrush

I wish we could take a nature walk! It's been so rainy here lately, we feel trapped in our home.

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