Mom Calls Cops on 12-Year-Old Son After Seeing Viral Video of His Stupid Prank

Sonny Wilson decided to do something stupid one day recently. The 12-year-old hopped onto the back of a truck and "surfed" it as it drove through crowded streets at 30 miles per hour.

He was quite a sight too, laughing and giving a thumbs up when hopping off. Other drivers even took a video of him, and posted him it online, where it went viral. I'm sure he got plenty of high fives from friends for his daring ways, and felt pretty smug about it ... for awhile.

Karen Brian, Sonny's mom, just happened to come across the viral video in her Facebook feed one day. She told the Express that at first she didn't think anything of it, other than it "was a stupid thing to do." Then a friend asked her if it was Sonny. She said, "I put two and two together and realized the silly prankster was my son. I just felt sick to my stomach."

I'm sure there was anger, fear, embarrassment, and so much more when that hit. Instead of just grounding him, or punishing him otherwise though, she got serious. So serious, in fact, that she called the police in their hometown of Lancashire, England ... on her very own son. She explained to the paper:

I made the difficult decision to report it to the police as I just can’t stop thinking about what could have happened. I want them to take him to the police station and instill the fear of God in him. He is a usually lovable lad who acts like the class clown for attention.

Bravo, I say. It would be hard to do, especially because it was all over and done with, and no one got hurt. I may have been tempted to just give him a harsh punishment and tell him that if it ever happened again, then I would call the police. But I applaud her for not taking the easy way out and for sending such a direct and powerful message to her son.

While Sonny has been suspended from school, it's only noted that police are "dealing with" the incident. At his age, I'm not sure what kind of charges he could face, but any of them are better than the dangerous fates he could face if he does something so stupid again.

Would you call the police on your own child for something like this?


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nonmember avatar kaerae

Good for her. If he's doing something THIS stupid, he needed a HUGE wakeup call. Better now than later!

Carme... Carmen8706

Now THAT is what good parenting is right there. 

spider3 spider3

So he did something not at school affecting anyone there and gets suspended.

LostS... LostSoul88

Instill the fear of god? Really? Why not instill the fear of death or seriously injured? Or someone else getting hurt or killed because they had to swerve to avoid hitting him when he let go? If this so called god was real why do people fear him when they "sin"? Sounds like an abusive relationship to me. 

nonmember avatar lisakphillips

@lostsoul - It's just a figure of speech, and that's coming from an atheist. Frankie Say Relax...

Melan... MelanieJK

I think parents non-angry reactions can have a bigger impact sometimes.     Actually experiencing their parents fear,   disappointment and public embarrassment might have a bigger impact on the kid.     Thinking fear isn't the same as feeling fear.     It's too easy to do something they really really want to do for fun by just purposely avoiding thinking about the danger.   

LostSoul88 - The fear of god has become a secular phrase.    Like OMG... do you snipe whenever someone says that?    You can stand down for a moment and use a little discernment.    Broadly attacking all religion doesn't make you sound more like an independent well reasoned person than the people you're trying to slam.  

Vegeta Vegeta

Since I do that on my own trucks all the time, I'd probably just tell him that what he did was dangerous and to think harder next time. Suspended from school and calling the police is kind of excessive cause he wasn't at school and I'm not sure truck surfing is a crime.

work4... work4mickey

What crime was commited that she called the police? And now he's suspended from school, what he did was not on school time, property, and apparently didn't affect school. Makes no sense.

TAG_u... TAG_ur_it

why on earth did he get suspended for school? 

Michelle Shelley

Did anyone stop to think maybe he was suppose to be at school when he went "truck surfing"?

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