Gwyneth Paltrow Pushes Bikinis for Little Girls & Moms Go Wild

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girl bikiniEvery week Gwyneth Paltrow promotes her Goop exclusive, limited-edition clothing your fishmonger cannot afford, and there's always some complaining about $500 headbands or some such. But holy vegenaise, people were bitching about something totally unexpected last week: Melissa Odabash bikinis for girls ages 4 through 8. For some people, that's dangerous business.

A child abuse prevention group called Kidscape says Goop's kiddie bikinis sexualize children. "We remain very opposed to the sexualization of children and of childhood. The dangers have been discussed at length, so it is a great pity that such trends continue and that they carry celebrity endorsement," says a spokesman for the group. Seriously? Little girls have been wearing bikinis forever and it's perfectly innocent.

Do bikinis sexualize little girls -- or is it the pervy grown-up doing the sexualizing? Because almost every time a little girl is kidnapped, raped, or molested, it's when she's fully dressed. If you're going to draw a line between the way little girls dress and how sexual deviants behave, we're going to have to start dressing little girls in Kevlar vests and inflatable tubes.

I wore bikinis when I was a little girl. It wasn't because my parents wanted to sexualize me. Please, they're Mormons. That's the LAST thing they wanted. They just wanted something cute and comfortable for me to swim in.

I think the Goop bikinis are fine. They're simple, with a few ruffles and a respectable amount of coverage (and they're not even that expensive, for Goop clothing). The model wearing them is just hanging out doing kid things, not slurping a daiquiri in leopard-print mules with Bradley Cooper, for crying out loud.

If we really care about protecting our kids, let's go after the creeps who prey on them. Not the parents buying swimsuits for their kids. I know Kidscape means well. Lord knows the problem of child sexual abuse is intractable and complicated and just plain scary. But I think their concern is very much misplaced.

Do you think bikinis sexualize little girls?


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nonmember avatar April

My daughter has worn bikini's, from when she was little to now. Not always, but about 2/3rds have been bikinis or tankini's. I don't find them to sexualize her at a young age. She is just comfortable in them. There are some I have seen that are too adult, and I don't buy them. She has super long legs, and also a long torso. She can get more wear out of a two piece than a one piece

nonmember avatar Kristi

The string bikini you have pictured isn't at all appropriate for a little girl! String bikini's are sexualizing. The kind with full coverage are fine.

Lovin... LovinJerseyMama

I love putting my girls in bikinis and tankinis for the simple fact that they are easy to clean and take on and off for bathroom breaks. I don't have to strip them naked to use the potty or to get the sand out off them. I don't buy the string ones because its too easy for them to come undone and instead get the tops that are the clip kind or over the head kind. The bottoms I get are simple pull on bikinis or briefs. I have seen many bikinis that are a bit over the top though. Lots of lace and itty bitty. Some look like they came right out of a Victoria's Secret catalogue. I buy mine more for function than fashion.

redK8... redK8blueSt8

I don't let my daughter wearbikinis. She can wear tankinis because of bathroom use ease, and yes, it is because I see it as sexualizing little girls. Same with belly shirts and booty shorts. They were created to increase a woman's sex appeal. They are worn to increase that sex appeal. The basic concept has no business being associated with my child.

Rosas... RosasMummy

the sexualisation of children is not only a problem because it might entice sexual predators. It's a problem because children should dress like children and wearing something that is meant to accentuate an adults body is just wrong on a child. I would put my daughter in bikini bottoms with no top bcos of ease of getting to the toilet, but I wouldn't put the top on because she doesn't have boobs! and i don't want her to wear clothes that mimic clothes that adult women wear to show off their boobs and stomachs and I don't want her to think that that's something children should do or should even think about

tuffy... tuffymama

Little black string bikini on a baby girl? Uh, no. I wore bikinis as a child (before I put my foot down and dressed my own damn self) and there was nothing sexual about them, because they weren't STRING BIKINIS. Our children are only children for a few short years. They have plenty of time to worry about dressing like adults and looking "hot," and if they do it when they're grown, we have no control. But now? Yes, we have control and ultimate say-so, and sensible, thoughtful parents don't put their babies' bits all out there on display in lady clothes.

nonmember avatar Ashley

For girls aged 12 months to 12 years...
String bikini = creepy
Sports top bikini or Tankini= fine
Tee shirt bikini = my fave (give the shoulders a little more sun protection)

nonmember avatar Madeline

String bikinis aren't appropriate but vintage inspired bikinis on kids are cute.

Lauren Barker

The first bathing "suit" I ever bought my daughter was a bikini and she looked ADORABLE in it....Am I over sexualizing my daughter? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! why is wearing a bikini so wrong but its cute when we let them run around the beach in only a diaper or naked? and I wouldn't take my child anywhere that I thought they were being looked at by in my book bikini are perfectly acceptable!!!!

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