Dad Dukes It Out With Hungry Alligator to Save His 6-Year-Old Son's Life (VIDEO)

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alligator boyWhat would you do if your child were attacked by an alligator? Would you scream and panic, or would you jump in and fight off the beast? Six-year-old Joey Welch was getting ready for a canoe ride with his dad, Joseph, when he fell off the pier. Right after he splashed into the shallow water, Joseph heard a scream and saw that an alligator had Joey's arm in his jaws!

"I went in it and there was a splash. The alligator just swam into me and clamped my arm," Joey later said. Worse, the alligator started dragging Joey down into the water. How could Joseph free his son without risking tearing off the boy's arm?

Joseph says he immediately jumped into the water and started punching the alligator. But what really saved the day was another onlooker risking his life and jumping in to help. "This good Samaritan kicked the gator underneath the belly about three to four times, and the gator decided after getting kicked and punched, he finally released him and I was able to get my son and walk to shore," Joseph said.

And little Joey escaped with his life and just a few scrapes and cuts! It's terrifying how close he came to losing his arm, or worse. "He could have squished my son's arm like a cracker!" Joseph says. Thank goodness that didn't happen -- and that Joseph had backup. We don't know who this good Samaritan was, but he's a big hero. Stepping in to help save someone else's child takes courage and compassion.

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What would you do to thank a stranger who helped save your child's life?


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LostS... LostSoul88

pay off one of their debts! So glad to hear that child was okay.

redK8... redK8blueSt8

YAY!! Love love love reading about good parents who are willing to risk themselves to save their kids, and random strangers jumping in to help. So glad it had a happy ending.

Brenda Smiley-Tadlock

I would literally reward him in any way possible. I love my children more than myself. There is nothing that can be done to repay that kind of heroism

Kieya Walker

what a story the young child will have to tell his kids and grand kids one day.. "I was once in the mouth of an alligator" Bravo to Dad and the good Samaritan to be able to give the young child the opportunity to tell that story one day! (:

Steaven N Rhonda Tucker

I don't think there is anything you can "do" except raise your child to be the kind of person that would do the same for a stranger. I think that is the best way to show how grateful you are, by honoring the philosophy that you help people out whether you know them or not, whether you will get something in return or not. Honor, Integrity, and Self sacrafice.

nonmember avatar Reen

That is just epic! I wouldn't have any way to fully repay anyone that helped to save my child. Except maybe paying it forward and also teaching my child to grow up and be that type of person.

And I would have totally jumped in to help them if I were there. I don't like to see people in danger and trouble and just have others stand by and do nothing to help.

Bravo to the dad and that awesome stranger that did the ultimate good deed!

April Howe

i would search for the person and request for him/her to receive an award for it.  that guy was their hero.

missy... missybest

What would I do to thank a stranger for helping to save my child's life?  Anything I could!  Dinner every night for the rest of his or her life?  Whatever I could do!  Thank goodness this little boy not only survived, but didn't have his arm torn off.  Great job to the father and the stranger who also jumped in.  My goodness, really put his life on the line to start kicking an alligator!  Now, that's a true hero!

ilove... ilovemyrileybug

I love these stories! I don't know what I would do to repay that, its such a selfless act.

Brenda Jones

The dad did what any dad "should" do and thank God everyone was ok. As for the stranger, what an amazing thing he did! I hope the family pays the kindness forward. What a great story.

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