Why Wise Moms Drink Their Wine Out of Coffee Cups

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wino momThe assignment was simple: "Write one sentence about a family member and draw a picture about it." Now I'm sure this child's family has many interests and fantastic talents, but the kid zoned in on one of his mother's particular passions -- her wine drinking.

"My mom like's (sic) drinking wine," he wrote. The accompanying drawing shows a woman sitting at a table looking happy as can be in front of a glass of wine that's about half the size of her body. Busted, mom!

Reddit user 8gxe posted it, and the responses are just about as hilarious. "This is nothing, at school my friends daughter (6 years old) once wrote 'my mom loves cock' (she meant coke) fun times indeed," user joeybanans78 wrote. 

User zants wrote: "In elementary school a teacher asked me about my black eye, I told her I got it because I dropped the soap. Now I understand why they were so concerned. (I had leaned down in the shower to pick it up and hit my face on the soap holder.)"

The fact is that what our kids absorb about us and their home lives is often not what we expect. And when they convey their thoughts to other people, there's plenty of potential for embarrassing situations and things getting misconstrued about otherwise upstanding parents.

My son's friends are always telling me little things about their parents that make me giggle. Like one boy who went on and on about how cheap his mom is, or another who told me how "furious" his mom gets when they don't pick up their toys. I can only imagine what my kids are telling their teachers and friends' parents about us.

What embarrassing things have your kids told their teachers or other adults about you?


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nonmember avatar Ashley

I remember once seeing a picture on fb when I was pregnant of a friend's kid hitting some milestone (siting/standing) and in the background was 4-5 empty beer bottle on the coffee table. I wasn't concerned that she was a drunk but I remember thinking how trashy and horrible that looked. Once I had my kids I began only drinking wine out of coffee mugs. I even have a favorite mug that looks like cow with utters. Silly, yes but much better than a wine glass or beer bottle.

And before anyone harps on me for drinking near my kids. Get over it.

nonmember avatar Carlene

I went to my 6 yr old son's parent teacher conference and while waiting my turn in the hall I noticed they had an art project of a lady bug that said what really bugs me. My kids said...It really bugs me when . . . my brother tells me "no", my brother hits me, my mom makes me eat food I don't like, my mom yells at me, my dad tells me to go to my room...LOL

Miche... Michelephant

I don't see why anyone would have to drink wine or beer out of a mug.  Alcohol is for adults.  Most parents are 21 or older. As long as you aren't getting trashed in front of your kid then who really cares?  I think all it does is make alcohol into a taboo.  Which makes it hard to have a discussion about responsible drinking or abstinence from drinking.

tinke... tinkerxbell

If I drink my wine out of a coffee cup, my 4 year old (who already has a great love for coffee) will bug me to no end about having some. If I drink out of a wine glass he knows its for me only. Although I do already get "Mommy you like drinking wine, right?" sometimes. But in reality I have a glass once in a great while at best.... I do find that picture hilarious though.

Rebecca Marie Adcox

I think a lot of moms like drinking wine. Or beer. Or rum. Or scotch. I don't think there's anything wrong with that, in moderation! This picture is funny because it's so relatable.

Barbara Dehn Moore

After I had my tubes tied (after my 2nd marriage), a friend took my 7 yo old son to some friends of hers. They explained that he had to be gentle with the dog because she hads just been "fixed". That led to the question "What is fixed" and the reply was so she could not have anymore puppies. My son answered with "My mommy did that, right after she married Steve ..." Glad i never met those people. lol

Rachel Hagenow Harting

I'm an elementary school teacher (1st grade) and the children were asked to write several sentences about peanuts. One little guy spelled peanuts as "penus". His sentences went like so: I like penus. I have some penus. Penus grows on trees. My mommy really likes penus. To make matters worse, his mother was *EXTREMELY* pregnant.

Sunsh... Sunshine71980

I asked one of my kindergarten students why he was late for school and he said "Because Mom and Dad were in the bathroom together and  wouldn't come out!"

Pat DuBois

My husband & I were in furniture store & a salesman was helping us. He started talking with our son, & our son told him "My parents went to the race track & lost all their money, so they don't have any to buy furniture with.

nonmember avatar Nativechick84

I have gotten lucky thus far with my four kids no moments like this yet lol, but I remember when I was in elementary school and my friends use to ask me how old my Mother was... being young I would reply back with " she is 90" or I would say "Older than dirt"

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