Why Wise Moms Drink Their Wine Out of Coffee Cups

wino momThe assignment was simple: "Write one sentence about a family member and draw a picture about it." Now I'm sure this child's family has many interests and fantastic talents, but the kid zoned in on one of his mother's particular passions -- her wine drinking.

"My mom like's (sic) drinking wine," he wrote. The accompanying drawing shows a woman sitting at a table looking happy as can be in front of a glass of wine that's about half the size of her body. Busted, mom!


Reddit user 8gxe posted it, and the responses are just about as hilarious. "This is nothing, at school my friends daughter (6 years old) once wrote 'my mom loves cock' (she meant coke) fun times indeed," user joeybanans78 wrote. 

User zants wrote: "In elementary school a teacher asked me about my black eye, I told her I got it because I dropped the soap. Now I understand why they were so concerned. (I had leaned down in the shower to pick it up and hit my face on the soap holder.)"

The fact is that what our kids absorb about us and their home lives is often not what we expect. And when they convey their thoughts to other people, there's plenty of potential for embarrassing situations and things getting misconstrued about otherwise upstanding parents.

My son's friends are always telling me little things about their parents that make me giggle. Like one boy who went on and on about how cheap his mom is, or another who told me how "furious" his mom gets when they don't pick up their toys. I can only imagine what my kids are telling their teachers and friends' parents about us.

What embarrassing things have your kids told their teachers or other adults about you?


Image via Reddit

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