'Twilight' Star Says Divorce Made Him a Better Dad & I Totally Get It

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peter facinelliIt's been just over one year since Peter Facinelli filed for divorce from his wife of 11 years, Jennie Garth, just enough time for the Twilight star and his three daughters -- 15-year-old Luca, 10-year-old Lola, and 6-year-old Fiona -- to feel like maybe they're figuring out how to function as a family. Maybe. Definitely a positive development: Facinelli feels like he's finally finding his groove as a dad, as he said in a recent interview: "Co-parenting has been great. I'm able to have the kids every other week and in some ways -- a lot of ways -- it makes me an even better father. I get to get up and make them breakfast, make them lunches, take them to school, and I have the full responsibility of all three girls for the whole entire week, and I bond a lot with them that way."

Sweet! Unfortunately, some fans have taken Facinelli's comments as proof that he was a bad dad before the divorce (like, why didn't he ever make them breakfast or pack their lunches when he was married, huh?). But as a divorced parent, I totally get where he's coming from.

In a weird way, it can be easier to focus on your relationship with your kids when you're flying solo -- especially if your relationship with your ex-spouse was a rocky one. Once the initial separation shock wears off, most people usually find themselves way less stressed post-divorce (hmm, wonder why?) and a calm, happy parent is always a better parent. Plus, most of the time there's less stress on the kids, too -- listening to your parents fight all the time is a crappy way to grow up. So I say, congrats to you, Peter Facinelli!

Do you think divorce can make some people better parents?


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Marissa Danielle Crane

I think it is wonderful. Not every person reacts to the big D in the same way. if Peter finds his goove better as Capitan instead of Co-Captian....more power to him.

Shari Fann

I get it.  I think it's great that he admits it, and it makes me like him more.  So many men act like they divorce the children when they divorce the wife.  That's a real man for you!

jessa... jessasmamma

Getting divorced from my daughter's father has definitely made me a better parent. I wasn't a bad parent before, but I am FAR less stressed now. I have different stresses - mostly financial stresses - but I am so much happier. I would much rather cut back on extra's like movies, dinners out, etc. then go back to being stressed 24/7. Before, I was always stressing about if the house was up to (his) par before he got home from work. I was always walking on egg shells, afraid to speak my opinion for fear of him losing his temper and yelling. There's none of that now. My daughter has a happy mommy. We have so much fun together, and when I am not working - our time together is legitimate QUALITY time. I love it.

Storm Showered Withlove

You got to think..he is an actor, he was making Twilight for 4 to 5 years (not saying that he shouldnt make time for his kids) but we all know that even bartenders or cops or even office workers barely have time for their kids. So what is wrong with him not having time with his kids for 4 to 5 years when now he has way more time. Just by him saying that doesnt mean he didnt have time before either. So dont assume that. Maybe its because I love him as an actor but it is sad to see people go off on a great actor and a great family man.

nonmember avatar MammaMel

Yup! You can focus on the kids!!! I am 100% a better parent since I don't have to parent my ex husband as well!

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