6-Year-Old 'Toddlers & Tiaras' Star Isabella Barrett Is a Millionaire (VIDEO)

Isabella BarrettWho buys $10,000 dresses, owns over 60 pairs of shoes, loves room service at five-star hotels, and regularly spends oodles of money on spray tans and hair extensions? Why, the 6-year-old beauty pageant millionaire, of course! Former Toddlers and Tiaras star Isabella Barrett sounds like a holy monster in the making, but she sure is rich. Does all that moola make me wish I'd put my own daughter in pageants? Oh hell no!

Case in point: guess what else little Miss Barrett has had to spend money on?


False teeth!

What the?? How sick is this whole pageant industry? Spray tanning a child is a crying shame; fitting out their adorable little mouths with FAKE TEETH should be a felony. But it's just par for the course according to Isabella's mom, who is also "co-owner" of Glitzy Girls jewelry line that she and Isabella started to capitalize on the pageant winner's fame. "I’ll admit when it comes to Bella’s wardrobe, there is no expense spared," Susanna tells the Mirror. "That means a voice coach, make-up artist, regular spray tans, hair extensions, acrylic nails and even made-to-measure fake teeth which cost us $500."

I'm ALMOST speechless, but wait, there's more! "We travel so much to enter pageants, she really has developed a taste for five-star hotels and loves being waited on," says Susanna of her cash cow daughter. "She can go a little crazy though and once ordered $2,200 worth of food. It’s never cheeseburgers and fries, always the most expensive like filet mignon and lobster."â�¨

Oh well OK THEN! As long as it's not $2,200 worth of peasant food like cheeseburgers!

But don't think that little Isabella can't speak for herself: "What’s not to like about being a millionaire?" she says. "I’m a superstar, I have my own jewelry line and I just love being the boss. I never lose at anything and almost every pageant I enter, I win. But what I love more than anything is shoes. I have over 60 pairs."

Well, kid, I have to say it sure sounds fun to be a millionaire. I like lobster and shoes too! But the way this poor thing earned her money is truly a crime. When my own daughter (also an Isabella!) was a toddler, I sent her photo out to a bunch of agents in NYC. We signed with one, and I took her on about three "go-sees" and one photo shoot for a major parenting magazine before I realized how much I hated the whole thing. I hated the thought of people looking at my sweet girl and deciding if she was cute enough for THEM. I hated even more the idea of doing it when she was old enough to understand that people were deciding whether or not to pay her for her looks. We dropped the whole process and I have zero regrets.

Now, print modeling and even acting isn't as bad as the beauty pageant scene, but watching this video makes me cringe at the thought that I once even considered trying to set my own little girl on a path to "stardom:"

Would you ever enter your toddler in a beauty pageant?


Image via fanlaTV/YouTube 

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