5 Things I Miss Most When I'm Away From My Kids

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Last week, I spent four days away from my children promoting my new book in NYC. I had a bed all to myself, a bathroom door that remained shut when I closed it, and didn't have to make one lunch or Band-Aid one boo-boo the whole time. In other words, for four days, I wasn't much of a mom. The trip was exciting and thrilling and fun, but the best moment of all was the one when I walked back through the door into the arms of three kids, who were just as happy to see me as I was them.

So, in honor of that moment, I'm skipping the snark and focusing on the things I missed most when I was away from my kids; surprisingly, they are some of the things I tire of most easily when I'm home non-stop ...

1. Having them hang all over me. Turns out, when they're not using me as a jungle gym, I really miss it. Especially the fierce hugs.

2. The bedtime routine. I can't say I missed reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid (AGAIN!) particularly, but I did miss the bedtime kisses and sweet sleepy eyes. A lot. 

3. Hearing them talk. Often it seems like my kids never shut up: About want they want, what they're thinking, who pissed them off, anything that crosses their minds. At home, there is never a moment of just plain QUIET. Turns out, quiet is awfully boring.

4. Bath time. There is usually little that annoys me more than giving my kids baths; I end up soaking wet, they end up with soap in their eyes, and the last thing any of us feels is relaxed. Except when I've been away and I want to inhale them. In that case, a delicious-smelling kid is worth the bath.

5. Hearing the word "mommy." When I hear it incessantly, it can become the most irritating word on earth. But when I've missed it, hearing the sound again can be music to my ears.

At least for a little while.

Moral of the story? All moms deserve a few days off from motherhood to be reminded of how awesome our kids really are. 


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jalaz77 jalaz77

These are the exact things I miss too! As annoying as a few of them sound when you see them daily it is the things I miss most. My youngest is 2 and a monster, like most 2 yr olds but I miss him on the days I work. The 7 yr old LOVES to talk and has lots of questions and our 5 yr old runs through the house like a super hero and I really love it!!

Cbeds... Cbedsworth

I'm the same way. I have sole custody of my 6 & 7 year old girls and they are always with me. The occasional night they spend with a friend or their Aunt and Uncle are very hard for me. They drive me crazy being home all the time, but it's worse when they are gone.

MamaC... MamaCatShively

Me too!  As much as those things can drive us crazy - cheif among mine I don't remember the last time I got to go potty by myself - I wouldn't trade them for anything.  The house is too quiet when my best girl isn't there to drive her Mama batty :)

tolbe... tolbertsgifts

this is so true but i miss so much more when my baby isnt around me. btw if anyone wants discount baby items visit here http://www.tshopper.ecrater.com/

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