Mom Who Won't Teach Her Kid to Share Is in for a Rude Awakening

sharingThere's one type of millennial parenting that really needs to die out. These are the parents who care so much about how other people parent their kids that they're failing completely to parent their own. Take the mom who wrote an essay this week on why she refuses to teach her kid to share.

The way this mom (who goes by Very Bloggy Beth) tells it, if she forces her widdle snookums to stop hogging the toy truck at the rec center, she's really teaching other kids to be entitled brats who think they deserve everything handed to them just because they want it.


As she says:

I think it does a child a great disservice to teach him that he can have something that someone else has, simply because he wants it. And, I can understand the desire to give your children everything they want, we all have it. But it's a good lesson for you both to learn that this isn't always possible, and you shouldn't step all over other people to get these things.

Erm. OK.

Or just maybe -- totally spitballing here -- if she taught her kid to share, she'd teach those other people's kids that not every kid out there is a selfish little brat whose mommy never makes him share? Just a thought!

The sharing issue is a big one in my house because I'm raising an only child. As a rule, she doesn't have to share much because there isn't anyone to share WITH. The dog doesn't demand equal time playing LEGO City on the Wii U; the cat doesn't ask to use the blue blanket while napping on the couch.

So do I just give up and tell my kid she doesn't HAVE to share with other kids? Of course not.

I'm working on raising a kid who is kind and generous, a kid who cares about other people. That's my job.

It's other parents' jobs to do the same with their kids, but I can't control that. And I certainly am not going to roll back my efforts on raising my kid up "right" just to ensure that other people's kids don't turn out bratty. Who would win there? Definitely not me ... or my kid.

She needs to learn to share. Period. Not because other people are entitled to her stuff but because in life, we catch a lot more flies with sugar than we do with vinegar.

She will make more friends if she shares. She will fare better in work environments if she shares. She will be a HAPPIER person if she doesn't have a death grip on everything that's "hers," lest someone else get a piece of it.

As for the kid whose parents don't teach him to share, well, here's betting he will be the kid who thinks he deserves something just because he wants it ...

What do you think of parents who refuse to teach their kids to share?


Image by Jeanne Sager

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