6-Year-Old Boy Saves Sister's Life By Keeping Cool While His Dad Freaks Out

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pretzelsAs parents, we're supposed to be the ones who keep calm in emergencies, right? Don't worry kids, we've got everything under control. But what happens when it's the other way around? Hopefully the kid in question is a lot like 6-year-old Cole Steffens, who was having a bedtime snack with his 17-month-old sister Bailey when she started to choke on a pretzel. "Within seconds, I heard this [makes choking sound]," says dad John. "A pretzel was lodged sideways in her throat."

"I lost it. I was bawling," he admits. Luckily, Cole kept his cool.

When his dad yelled, "Call 911!" Cole did exactly that: Picked up the phone, dialed 911, and told the dispatcher his sister was choking and could they please send an ambulance?

"We were all in awe [talking to him]," said one dispatcher. But to hear Cole talking about the emergency after the fact is even more impressive. Was he scared?

"It was kind of scary for my whole body, but it wasn't really scary for my head and brain," Cole says.

Wow. What an awesome way to put it. And we can all learn something from that, too, I think. Like, even if our bodies respond with panic to a situation, we can (and should) always try to focus our minds on what needs to be done. Of course, usually that's a lesson we're supposed to teach our kids, but the opposite works, too!

Are you calm in emergencies or do you panic?


Image via Windell Oskay/Flickr

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CPN322 CPN322

Oh man, reading that dads reaction hurt my heart. So glad everything turned out well!

candy... candyw210

My youngest was bit by a dog we once had ( she was re-homed w a single man after this) and once i saw the blood pouring out of her hand; I'm not going to lie, i started to panic. My oldest who is 9 stayed calm and went to the bathroom and brought a towel for her sisters hand and started to cleanup the blood in our kitchen as I was getting my youngest daughter's stuff on to go to the hospital. I drove her to the hospital because i live 1 min away and i am not going to wait 15 min for an ambulance when my kid is bleeding like crazy; anyway my oldest held her hand in the car and kept telling her it's ok and not to cry and she would be ok. She amazed me at how calm she stayed at the sight of all of the blood and her sister screaming hysterically.. She made me so proud! And it's funny she always says she wants to be a doctor; I think she would be great at it :)

nonmember avatar Pencils

When I was in the fifth grade, a boy in my class started choking on a piece of a pen--he had been chewing on the pen and it broke apart. He lurched down the aisle toward the teacher, making a horrible noise. I didn't realize he was choking, he was a kid who did act out a lot, so I was just confused. The teacher freaked out, she tried calling the office instead of doing anything useful. But the boy's best friend knew what was happening and what to do, he did the Heimlich maneuver and probably saved the kid's life. He had seen it demonstrated on TV on one of the morning news shows not long beforehand. He got to meet the president, which was very cool, and later on tried to downplay it. When we were in college together I would tell people how he was a hero, and he would be all "Shut up, Pencils!" (In a nice way.) Now he's a pediatrician, which makes some sense. I knew he was a good guy all the way back in the first grade. :)

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