What to Get the Teacher?


appleSo maybe an apple just won't cut it. My kindergartner son's teacher is awesome. She's helped make the anxiety -filled transition to "real" school a seamless one for my family.

She's innovative. Fun and loving. Her classroom is decked out. She talks to parents about their kids everyday. The kids call her by her first name! So what's the best Christmas gift for her? How much should I spend? Really, help me. This is my first year as a school mommy. I'm stumped. Lightbulb: I'm going to jump in the Teacher Mommies CM group and see what they think.

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blueb... bluebutterfly81

giftcards...I am a teacher and I love giftcards! We get a lot of ornaments, candles, and bath and body things. Giftcards to go out to eat or going shopping are so nice. If yu don;t have a lot of money a nice note is also a lovely gift!

yakamoz yakamoz

Something edible like a cheeseball that the teacher can serve to Christmas or New Year's guests, plus a nice note like the PP suggested.  I used to teach elementary school.  One can only take so many ornaments, knick knacks, and perfume and lotions that you don't like the smell of. 

melit... melittler

I give my kids teachers a tin of homemade cookies and a gift card to the bookstore or bath and body works. Since this year, both of my kids have all female teachers it'll probably be B&B works for them.

Cafe... Cafe Kierna

Noted. Thank you all!

MomTo... MomToBeISaMom

I don't have kids in school yet, but I remember that my mom would give our teachers a fresh pineapple in a big bow with a nice note.  If they don't like pineapple, they can still use it in a holiday dish for a party they will attend.  I like it because it's a little different, it's useful, and it's not fatty like most holiday treats.  If you want to add to the gift, tie it to a pineapple corer (most people I know don't own one).

Diann... Dianne1259

Every year my kids are in school I get the teachers a gift basket of hand cream and other hand items, with the note:"You hold my child's hand for 8 hours a day, take care of your hands"

debra... debra_benge

One teacher is getting a box of tea (she LOVES tea).  Her teachers' assistant is getting a jacket.  I'm not sure what to do about the other teacher (something with pugs is as close as I can get) and TA (absolutely NO clue!)

Sherr... SherriPie

Gift card to an education store.  A lot of teachers have to buy their own supplies, so a gift card to a place where they can buy supplies would be nice.  I say no to the lotions b/c that's so common and it's the gift you get when you can't think of anything else.  You could also get a desk calendar that has tear-off days, something cute or funny.  If she drinks coffee you could get her a Starbucks gift set thing (a mug, different types of coffee).  you could also do a "movie basket" which could include a few boxes of candy, some popcorn, a nice bowl, and a movie gift card to Blockbuster.

tally... tallybarry

as a teacher i love all these ideas! another easy and cheap idea is your time-make a coupon book with times and dates suggested as to when you can volunteer to come and read or help put up bulletin boards-there is never enought time in the day and enough hands to get it all done

Heath... Heather_F

I had to laugh at the comments on this one, I am a guilty ornament giver LOL Soo this years' preschool teacher I guess will be getting something different, maybe a gift card! :)

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