Amazing 6th Grader Writes Beautiful Song for Cancer-Stricken Mom (VIDEO)

Camila Isabel VickSob! I just came across this video and I have to share: Camila Isabel Vick, a sixth grader, wrote and performed the most beautiful song for her mom when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The song's title? "Mama's Song."

"Hi, my name is Camila Vick," this adorable girl says at the opening, her big brown eyes breaking my heart wide open. "I'm in sixth grade and I wrote an original song for my mom. At the time that I wrote the song, she was going through breast cancer and I just wanted her to know she was going to be OK."


Wow, right? What a voice, and what beautiful, sweet song. Her mom must be so proud. These lyrics especially move me: "Mommy you've been with me forever..." and "Now I know how to love everyone and everything." What a tribute. Honestly, is there anything better than our children showing us how much they love us? I know that my most prized possessions are the letters and pictures my own daughter has made for me.

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I'm dying to know more about this little girl and her mommy -- HuffingtonPost just got this video today from a publicist who says her daughter went to summer camp with Camila, and I'm so glad they shared it. Hopefully we'll be able to get more news about who this little girl and her story soon. But for now, I desperately hope that Camila's wish in the song came true: "So mommy please get better."

What are some of the sweet things your kids have done for you?


Image via StevenVick/Youtube

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