7-Year-Old Bursts Into Tears While Singing 'My Country 'Tis of Thee' When She Sees Her Soldier Dad (VIDEO)

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Madeline WebsterI always get teary watching military reunion videos, but this one ... oh this one, just melts me. The first graders at Armstrong Elementary in Eastover, N.C., were singing their hearts out in the school gym. Madeline Armstrong, 7, was leading them in a lovely version of "My Country 'Tis of Thee" when you see her face freeze. A moment later it's apparent why.

There in the audience is her father, SFC William Webster. According to the post on YouTube, he's been serving in Korea for the past six months, and wasn't supposed to be home for two more months. But there he was. When she recognizes him, emotion completely overcomes her. Grab a tissue, then watch after the jump.

How incredible was that? Apparently after mom, Jennifer, posted about his homecoming on Facebook, the school heard about it and put the wheels in motion to make the surprise happen. And what an incredible one it was.

It's just so powerful and such a reminder of all the sacrifices that our nation's military families make. According to Fayobserver.com, Madeline's dad has been away for about three years of her life, having also served in Iraq and Afghanistan. They stay in touch via weekly Facetime sessions, but having him home, of course, is the best. Jennifer told the paper:

He is her best friend. They have a bond I have never seen before in a father-daughter relationship. I am looking forward to her feeling complete again.

And, more tears.

How much do you love this video?


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dreamsky dreamsky

Why did that man have to walk in front of the camera! Ugh. Totally ruined the moment...for me at least.

LostS... LostSoul88

^^ I agree^^ How screwed up.


What a wonderful video

LuvDx LuvDx

No kidding!

Bj Beverlyjan Howell

Not bragging mind you but each time I either see him do it live or hear him do it on the radio my friend, Toby Keith, has me in tears with his "American Soldier" and "Courtsey of the Red White & Blue". In addition to this it makes me swell with pride in knowing how the Troops overseas constantly are asking for him to do more shows along with his USO Tours. Toby's been criticized but if his critics could just witness the tears he sheds after having visited the ones that are wounded I'd love to see the look on their faces after Toby leaves. Toby truly cares about the Military and our Troops. I know of very few other artists that take 2 weeks out of their schedule each year spending time in different parts of the World bringing a taste of home to so many far away.

Jack Webster

your comments were the kindest words spoken only you might have gotten the girls last name right sign her granpaw

muchl... muchlovedby4

It was so beautiful i had to watch it 3 times. And each time i cried harder.

Congrats on having him home, sweet girl. And i'm so happy for you that he's come home safe each time.

nonmember avatar Sarah

What a beautiful video. These videos always make me cry and I love the person above a comment about Tony Keith those songs make me cry as well as my husband. And he doesn't cry much. I made a video of my husband surprising our kids when he came home from his last deployment and posted it on FB and my friends all commented on how it made them cry as well. I guess being a military brat and now a military wife means that I can relate to these kinda of situations on several levels. I know how my kids feel when their dad comes home and when he's gone and it makes me able to be a better mother to them because I understand it. What a beautiful video and story! :-)

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