Gift Guide, Big Kids: Board Gamer

Sure, we'll get to video games and all that you need for the Techno-saurus in your house, but first let's not forget the Board Gamer! Board games have been around for literally thousands of years--no not Monopoly, but that's a pretty enduring game too. In the spirit of gathering the whole family around the table for a good night of trash talk and competition, here goes!

Chutes and Ladders

Product: Chutes and Ladders (Retro)

Cost: $14.98

Where to Buy:

Extras: Comes in a collectible tin.

Why I Love It: Chutes and Ladders goes waaaaay back! The makers even knew to put "Retro" on the box, but the thing is, this game is just as good as it's ever been. It's perfect for younger kids (think 5 or so), because the concept is simple--good deeds move you forward, but naughty ones slide you back. You'll appreciate the flashback it gives you to your own childhood, but your little ones could care less about that--they just love the spin-the-arrow the action!



Product: Quiddler

Cost: $11.99

Where to Buy:

Why I Love It: Playing cards actually have letters on them, and you have to rearrange your hand to make words. Small words are fine, but use those high pint letter before you get stuck with them! One reviewer had this to say, " Well, I love any and all word games. But this one seems super cool. Another reviewer had this to say (I believe her), "Quiddler is so much fun! It's similar in some ways to Scrabble, but not quite as complicated, and more portable."

Trivial Pursuit

Product: Trivial Pursuit

Cost: $39.95

Where to Buy: Barnesand

Why I Love It: Parker Brothers has done it again. There was a time when you had to be a Jeopardy scholar to even have a chance at TP, but today's new version of the 25-year-old classic game has three levels of questions--easy, medium and hard. One you start you can't stop with this one. Perfect for know-it-all tweens and teens!

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