Kate Middleton Stuns 10-Year-Old Fan With Sweet Letter of Appreciation

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Kate MiddletonWould you guess that Kate Middleton would take the time to write a reply to a 10-year-old's fan letter? I don't think I would have, not because I think the Duchess of Cambridge is a heartless snob who can't be bothered to connect with her commoners or anything, but, you know, she seems BUSY. Right?

Well, Isabella Clarkson from Grimsby, England must be in seventh heaven right now, because she did get a letter from Kate. The 10-year-old had written to express her disappointment over the fact that she'd waited to see the Duchess of Cambridge on a recent visit to Grimsby, but she'd only managed to catch a brief glimpse of her idol. Kate apparently felt so bad, she wrote back to thank Isabella -- and she included a photo as a memento.

Young Isabella's mind? BLOWN.

On March 5th Isabella had been waiting in freezing weather with her brothers and sisters at Havelock Academy, where the Duchess was opening a new building. Unfortunately, thick fog delayed Kate's helicopter, and when she finally arrived -- an hour and a half behind schedule -- poor Isabella only saw a glimpse of Kate's hand waving as her car went by.

According to Isabella,

We were so excited but we hardly saw anything at all. I'd spent ages making a glittery banner to hold the night before, but I don't think she saw it.

Aw, a wasted glittery banner! Isabella's mom encouraged her to write the Duchess to express her disappointment, and lo and behold, Isabella got a response.

My mum was so excited when it arrived at our house that she brought it into school and the teacher read it out to the class.

Kate's note said she was "immensely touched" Isabella took the time to write, and she included an official photo. I'm not personally a big royals-watcher, but I can only imagine how thrilling this must have been for her young fan. I mean, if I had gotten a letter from the Thompson Twins when I was ten I would have COMPLETELY freaked out.

(What? I was obsessed with "Hold me Now.")

Isabella says she's going to have the letter and picture framed so she can "keep them forever," and added,

I think Kate is doing all the good work that Princess Diana did and she seems very generous.

How sweet is it that Kate wrote this girl? Are you at all surprised she responded to her letter?

Image via The Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge

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Diane Shatzer

No ,I'm not surprised at all I think Kate will be so much like Diana and will always have time for a small child especially one who is a #1 fan ,I'm sure the little girl was thrilled byond belief way to go Kate 



Gina Kreighbaum

I am not at all surprised by Kate's gesture of goodwill towards her young subject.I think Kate is a class act through and through...the real deal.

Sharon Stoker

Kudos Kate!!...you're a winner as is the lovely Isabella.

loret... loretta6262

So sweet and so happy that Prince William found a woman that seems so much like his mom. Just don't understand why she isn't being called Princess, but I don't follow a whole lot. She so deserves the title.


sunan... sunangel803

I think it's sweet that she did that for Isabella. What might be a small gesture for one person, can mean a great deal to another. Way to go Kate and Isabella!

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