Family Dog Eats Boy's Finger & Dad Goes to the Extreme to Get It Back (VIDEO)

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Fernando BrignoniWe all say we'd do anything for our children, and I think we mean it. Sometimes, however, anything gets pretty extreme, and I'm not sure all of us would be able to do what 41-year-old Luis Brignoni did for his son on Friday.

The 11-year-old, Fernando Brignoni, was outside playing when he put his hand through the cage of one of the family's pet dogs, "Sassy". The dog bit his finger, and while his 13-year-old brother started hitting the dog over the head, by the time she let go, Fernando's entire pinky finger was gone, swallowed by the dog. 

It's the stuff of parenting nightmares. The blood is flowing, the kid is likely screaming, and you're stuck in a mixture of shock and horror knowing you have to be the adult and do something.

Well, Luis did something, all right. 

According to the Miami Herald, the Florida father, "rushed out to this fenced backyard with a gun and killed the dog, cut its stomach open, and retrieved the digit, carefully sending it with his bleeding son aboard a helicopter to a St. Petersburg hospital."

Damn. Unfortunately doctors weren't able to reattach the boy's finger, but he's doing well. Luis told the paper he acted on instinct.

You don’t know what you will do for your child. You don’t know where you get the strength from. I said, "I’ve got to go find the finger." I got my gun and I popped him.

Luis is clearly heartbroken over what he had to do to the dog, who they had since she was a puppy, but he knew he had to put the boy first. I'm sure there are some who will say what he did was wrong. That the dog shouldn't have been killed, and that the kid can live fine without a pinky. While that may be true, it certainly will present some challenges, and shouldn't we all do whatever we can to eliminate these kinds of major challenges from our children's lives? Dogs are like members of our family, but children's lives and well-being should always come first.

I don't know that I would have had the guts to shoot and disembowel any dog to get my kid's finger, or the ability to think that quickly. However, I admire this man for doing what he thought best for his son in the heat of the crisis. 

Do you think this man did the right thing to get his son's pinky finger?


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LostS... LostSoul88

The dog bite hard enough to take off a finger. Yes the dog should have been put down but in a more humaine way. I wouldn't want that dog around my family again after that. My kids safety comes first over a animal. If the dog bite this time and you decided to get it then it's on you the next time he bites someone. 

bills... billsfan1104

This is what happens when you don't teach your children the proper way to be around animals. Dogs do usually just bite to bite. That kid must of doing something to make it attack like that.

bills... billsfan1104

Don't usually just bite people.

Irela... Ireland69

the dad did it for his son yes animals are animals but at this point humans come first, it's not like the dad did it without an excuse.  I'm sure the dad has to think of what he did afterwards to the dog but his son came first.  We never know how were going to react. 

Garrett Mcbride

How did the boy hit the dog on the head through the cage???

Vamp Vamp

If that was the family dog, and had him as a puppy...seriouly?? what kind of dog was that?? I mean...was it so vicious it had to be caged? when you own a dog you make it part of the family, show him his place in the dogs we are their pack...anyways its so sad the kid lost his finger...but that the parents foult for not educating their children to treat the family pet and for not socializing the dog properly....


Kayla Powell

i hope he feel better and the dads trains the dog better but i hope the dogs is ok to

nonmember avatar Sarah

My husband would have done the same thing. We have two dogs and while we love them, we remember they are animals.

Stephanie N John Falardeau

Something is very wrong here. Either the animal is being severely abused or starved that it would react to one of it's handler's. Maybe this is why the dogs were kept locked in cages? I feel bad for the dog, not the kid. I think the authorities should be investigating to find out just what is happening to their poor pets before something tragic like this happens again. 

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