7 Things Parents Blame on Teachers That Are Really Their Own Fault

finger pointingSure we see stories of teachers who abuse children, or use questionable means of discipline in the classroom (duct tape seems to be a recurring theme), but most of them are pretty amazing.

Every day they are entrusted to care for and teach our kids. After a few hours alone with my own two children, I find it mindboggling that they can handle 20 or more for an entire day. Not only that, they have to deal with their parents too -- which sometimes may be even more challenging.

I'm sure there are many types of annoying parents they deal with (I wonder which I might be?) but among the worst have to be the finger pointers. You know, those who blame anyone and everyone besides themselves when something goes wrong. Here are seven things parents like to blame on teachers when -- in most cases -- they really should be blaming themselves.


1. Poor grades

This is the big one. If a child isn't doing well on assignments, it's very rarely because the teacher doesn't like him, or is out to get her, or anything else subjective. It's likely because your child isn't putting in the work or needs extra assistance.

2. The need for extra assistance

The fact is not every child is a genius and some will be stronger in certain subjects than others. If your child needs to spend extra time studying to keep up with the rest of the class, then that's what they need to do.

3. Getting into trouble

Chances are if your kid is getting into trouble a lot, he or she is the problem, not the teacher.

4. Their choice of friends (or lack of friends)

If you've ever tried to chose your child's friends for them, you know well that works. Teachers don't have any better luck.

5. Moodiness when they come home from school

They very well may have been moody at school too. Other kids get overwhelmed by keeping it together at school all day then release when they're home in a familiar environment. It's likely not because the teacher was torturing them all day.

6. They Haaaaaaate school

There are a lot of reasons kids don't like school, but it's their job to go. Teachers can certainly make it more or less enjoyable, but the bottom line is that kids are there to learn not to be entertained, and that lesson needs to start at home with messages about the importance of education.

7. Lack of individual attention and enrichment activities

The fact is most teachers are overworked and underpaid. The best schools and classes have the support of involved parents who step in to assist teachers with such activities. So before you blame a teacher for anything, you may want to ask how you can help first.

What things have you seen parents blame on teachers?

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