Why School Should Only Be 4 Days a Week

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Isabella on a school day
Look how heavy my backpack is!
I know that school is important -- you have to learn to write, read, and do math! -- but sometimes you really need a nice long break. Now I know that you are going to think, "Oh you already have weekends and spring break and winter break!"

But weekends should be longer, and I can give you 10 good reasons why schools should let kids have a three-day weekend!

1. More time to get ready for the school week! School projects and studying for tests take a lot of time, so the more time kids have to prepare, the better they'll do.

2. Less stress! With more time off, kids won't be like, "Oh no, tomorrow is already school!" Parents too!

3. CRANKY! Everybody's cranky on Monday because you always think that your weekend was too short.

4. Family time. Family is ALSO something very important!

5. A better education. Yes, that's right! Kids will feel more energized because our weekends felt long and fun and we are not cranky!

6. Also teachers would have more time to learn the new topics for the next class!

7. If kids have homework on the weekends, then it will give them a good opportunity to do their weekend homework. Kids would also have more time to practice their instruments on the weekend!

Me at the Metropolitan Museum of Art!

8. Kids can go to different educational places, like a museum -- so it's like you are on a class field trip, but with just you!

9. Fewer sick days. If you are sick, you won't be absent, because it seems like people are only sick in the beginning or the end of the week.

10. If you took a vote, I bet the majority of people would vote for a THREE-DAY WEEKEND!

The moms at The Stir desperately needed a day off so we decided to let our kids help us write The Stir today -- find out more about them in their blogger profiles and see what they are writing about at Kids Takeover. Happy April Fools! :)

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fleur... fleurdelys3110

I agree with you Ms. Isabella! In college, I made sure to not have Friday classes so I ALWAYS had a three day weekend! It was the best. It gave me ample time to have fun, get my work done, catch up on sleep, and make sure I was reenergized for the week. One semester I wasn't able to arrange it like that, and it made me think how I ever survived without my 3 day weekend! 2 day weekends just seem so short to me now.

Gypsy... GypsyMa76

Agreed! Lol


nonmember avatar Almost A Mom

When our society moves to a standard 4-day work week, I could see this working. Unfortunately, many parents have child care issues already without the added financial burden of needing full day care one additional day a week while they are at work and their kids are out of school. I think it's great that the author would be able to spend this extra day off hanging out with her kids, but a lot of parents would be at work while their kids were in full day care, or sitting at home alone (probably watching TV all day.)

Stephie Lynne

i dont agree with this at all. the more tim spent learning the better

nonmember avatar Amie

Ahhh yes. As if American children aren't lagging behind other civilized countries in all areas, let's give them one more day of sitting on the couch watching tv. That's a great idea.

Cafe Amy Cafe Amy

Great reasons! I am convinced.

Derpy Derpy

LOL,This convinced me! :)

Amanda Mandy Olson

I think it'd be a good idea, to have a 4 day school week with longer weekends, also it'd probably be better to have no homework til the weekend, with tests being monday instead of friday, that way you could study better, and make sure they are keeping the education they get throughout the week, 

MrsRo... MrsRoberts413

As an urban/inner-city teacher, I think the LAST thing most of my students need is a 3-day weekend!  For a lot of my kids, they eat breakfast and lunch at school, and that may be the only time they eat that day.  For a lot of my kids, school is a safer environment both physically and psychologically than their homes.  For at least a third of my kids, the adults at their school care more about them than their parents do, because they were had to be meal tickets.  It might work in more ideal environments, but where I am, we want our kids in school, mostly so that we know they are safe and cared for!

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