5 Outdoor Adventures for Spring Family Fun

motts familySpring is the perfect season for exploring the outdoors with the whole family. Pick a day, choose an activity, pack up some essential gear — don’t forget grab-and-go snacks like convenient Mott’s Snack & Go Applesauce Pouches — and hit the road to have fun and make amazing memories!


1)      Take a playground tour. Sure, you probably have a few favorite local parks and playgrounds already, but why not branch out a little (and maybe travel a little farther) to check out some cool places in nearby towns? Look for playground reviews online or ask friends in other areas what spots they like to frequent. For a full-day trip, map out a few different places to stop and play!

2)      Get on your bikes! Gather the helmets, hook up the bike rack, pack plenty of water, snacks and sunscreen and head off in search of a new spot to explore. If you have little ones on training wheels, stick to parks with paved paths for easier riding. If you need advice on where to go, ask your local bicycle club or bike shop for suggestions.

3)      Check out a local trail. Even little babies can take part in hiking adventures thanks to wearable carriers! Make the walk interactive by playing “I Spy” with older kids, or giving them a camera to take pictures along the way.

4)      ID trees at an arboretum. Print out a local foliage guide (check your local parks department to see if they have one online) and head to an arboretum or forest to identify the different varieties of trees you see.  Older kids will love playing “Tree Bingo” – make boards with different tree names or types of leaves or colors of flowers in each box and have them color in squares as they spot them.

5)      Go geocaching. If you haven’t tried it yet, your family might just get hooked on this activity, which is like an epic treasure hunt! You can even get started with your smartphone. Check out geocaching.com for tips, info and to find a geocache near you.


What’s your family’s favorite way to spend time together outdoors?

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