11 Ways to Have the Happiest Kid on the Block

smiley face balloonsYou want a happy kid? Then listen to what I say. I have a list of things to do for your child, and this will help you. I've lived six long years with a younger brother. I know what I'm talking about.

Give your child a happy life for 16 years or more because your kid's not always going to have a happy easy life, so they should have a happy easy childhood.


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Tips for Making Your Kid Happy

  1. Do what your kids tell you to do. Kids know more than parents.
  2. Don't make them go to school. We're smart enough already.
  3. Do their homework so they have more time to play.
  4. Give them a Facebook before 13 years old. It's good to learn new things.
  5. Buy them the dog they want because dogs are man's best friend.
  6. Give them candy for dinner. Everyone loves candy!
  7. Do not put them on time-out. It wastes time. 
  8. Let them go to Disneyland every day. It's the Happiest Place on Earth.
  9. Get them an Instagram account because every kid needs to take photos of snacks on little plates.
  10. Buy a car with a TV in it. It's no fun to miss episodes of our favorite shows.
  11. Don't get mad at them. It makes us sad.

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