7 Ways to Get Your Child to Sleep Longer at Night

sleeping childI'm really not sure what their deal is, but my parents are constantly bugging me about either going to bed early or sleeping in so that they can get more sleep too. (They're really selfish like that. It's so annoying.)

And I don't know what makes them think that forcing me to go to bed at 8 p.m. or begging me not to wake them up before 6 o'clock in the morning will ever make me change my ways. I'm a kid, for crying out loud, and I'll sleep when I wanna sleep and get up when I wanna get up.

But maybe there are a few things they could do to try and convince me to stay asleep a litttttlllle bit longer every night.

  1. They should just go to bed early and let me stay up, that way they THINK I'm sleeping way longer than I really am. They'll never know the difference.
  2. Just get my dad to fart in my room before I go to bed, and that will make me pass out for a few extra hours.
  3. Make me eat something that I really don't like, and maybe it will make me get sick and I'll need extra rest.
  4. Tell me that I'll have good dreams. That will make me want to stay asleep.
  5. Do something that makes me sad, and that way I'll sleep longer because I don't want to go in your room and see you.
  6. Buy me a new Nintendo DS game in exchange for sleeping in.
  7. Make me jog for a whole hour before going to bed. I'll be tired after that.

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