Why Making Kids Clean Up Their Toys Is a Useless Parenting Rule

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messy roomI think my mom (and dad) should not make me clean up my toys. I also think other parents should not make their kids clean up their toys. And I will tell you why.

1. I will play with them later.

2. It is too much work for a kid.

3. I like to leave out my toys so I can look at them.

4. I leave them out so I can sort through them.

5. I leave them out so I know how many toys I have.

6. I think cleaning is horrible (I mean not fun).

7. I don't WANT to clean them up.

8. I would be watching TV before I play with them because I like watching TV. I want to watch TV instead of cleaning up my toys.

That's why I think parents should not make their kids clean up their toys. Parents, would you guys clean up your stuff if you had stuff lying around on the floor? Is it fun?

Yes or no?

Kids, ask your parents if they would make you clean up your toys. Thank you.


The moms at The Stir desperately needed a day off so we decided to let our kids help us write The Stir today -- find out more about them in their blogger profiles and see what they are writing about at Kids Takeover. Happy April Fools! :)


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Sandra Ann Deckelman

Love your article Ms Jillian....  My kids agree 100% with you. However, this Mom thinks kids should pick their toys because Mom's hate doing it just as much as kids! :)

Cafe Amy Cafe Amy

Love her!

Karra Gonzalez Byrd

this mom says pick up your toys why doesn't mom do it? well thats easy i wasnt playing with them lol

Ashlie Huff

I think this is an honest and well written stance on not picking up toys! Good Job Girlie you got me on your side :)

sasha... sashamom27159

karra i am so using this on my dd 

SueMN... SueMNanaMama

I picked up the Legos all over the playroom floor last night, cause I couldn't walk in there, and it was easier than fighting about it, or worse, having him get in there and start playing with them at bedtime.  He's 10 and has autism.  I have to pick my battles.

nonmember avatar Jessica

I am hoping the is written by a kid if not I hope the parent is kidding. My kids clean up their toys and they think its fun. You just make a game out of it. If you leave them out they have the potention of getting broken and neither you or the kid wants that. Toys aren't cheap they should be taken care of so they last. My kids love helping out around the house. Kid love responsibility but you have to instill it into them at a young age just like eating well, bathing, brushing teeth, etc.

Ashlee Logan

I tell my little boy (who is our resident firefighter) that firemen have to keep thier rooms clean in case there is an emergency and they need to get out quickly. It's much easier to run outside in an emergency or to make it to an emergency to help people when you aren't falling down and tripping over things, or hurting yourself in the process. ;)

sweet... sweettigeress

Umm...too bad so sad. My kids will pick up their toys. 

1. Because they are yours, not mine. 

2. I didn't make the mess, you did.

3. I don't want my house to look like a trash heap.

4. I'm not cleaning up after you because you find it not fun. 

5. Yes...I do clean up after myself, after all that is my job.

6. It teaches you responsibility. 

7. You are not a princesss that needs to be catered to. 

8. Quit being lazy and pick up your toys. 

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