Why Making Kids Clean Up Their Toys Is a Useless Parenting Rule

messy roomI think my mom (and dad) should not make me clean up my toys. I also think other parents should not make their kids clean up their toys. And I will tell you why.


1. I will play with them later.

2. It is too much work for a kid.

3. I like to leave out my toys so I can look at them.

4. I leave them out so I can sort through them.

5. I leave them out so I know how many toys I have.

6. I think cleaning is horrible (I mean not fun).

7. I don't WANT to clean them up.

8. I would be watching TV before I play with them because I like watching TV. I want to watch TV instead of cleaning up my toys.

That's why I think parents should not make their kids clean up their toys. Parents, would you guys clean up your stuff if you had stuff lying around on the floor? Is it fun?

Yes or no?

Kids, ask your parents if they would make you clean up your toys. Thank you.


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