7 Reasons Kids Should Be Allowed to Skip Homework

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homeworkEvery day after school I have to do homework, and every day it makes me mad. Homework is a big waste of time, and kids shouldn't have to do it -- especially kids who get good grades already.

Here are seven reasons I think kids should never have to do homework again.

  1. Why should you do homework when you learn at school?
  2. Homework tires you out.
  3. If you were doing your homework during a storm, why do your homework if you could be killed?
  4. Grownups sometimes ground you if you mess around while doing it.
  5. TV can be a big distraction. (Especially with an annoying little sibling watching it. It’s not fair that they get to watch it and you don’t.)
  6. Doing homework is a waste of time. You could be playing video games, running around outside, or even reading a book -- but NOT one of you workbooks.
  7. Our brains can only take so much!

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Do you think kids should have to do homework?

The moms at The Stir desperately needed a day off so we decided to let our kids help us write The Stir today -- find out more about them in their blogger profiles and see what they are writing about at Kids Takeover. Happy April Fools! :)

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nonmember avatar Guesty

April fools!! Lol nice try, The Stir.

nonmember avatar MammaMel

Ah yes, I see your points Nolan. Very good list, hope mommy listens :)

gabe05 gabe05

I'm sorry it was an April Fool's joke, because I think Mr. Nolan had multiple good points.  In my master's program for education, we were told that the primary reason for homework is so that some parents will work with the kids and help to reinforce the concepts and teach their children.  Then, those kids will know how to do the work and you will have fewer kids to teach.  And, as a bonus, the kids who did the homework can help their peers.  This was one of the reasons I chose to homeschool.  I did not wish to teach my kids in the evenings after they had spent seven hours at school with a teacher, or to send them to school to teach their peers to save the teacher work.  It was much more practical to teach them during the day and let them have fun at night.

Amber... Amberleigh81

I actually agree with Nolan! Down with homework! More time for play!

gogetem gogetem

It looks like this is supposed to be for April fools...  But I agree with it!  They spend enough time at school... They need time for honest play and family.  Most homework is busy work, anyway.  No substance.

.LoVe... .LoVeMyBuG.

I know it's suppose to be a joke but like a few others above me, I think kids bring way too much work home! The teachers are getting paid to teach our kids, they may not get paid "well enough" but it is the field of work they choose. I will work with my child when I have the time in my schedule, I shouldn't have to sit for 2 hours a night pulling my hair out with homework.... as 99% of the time my DD has no idea what to do on these work sheets, and honestly on some of them I am even like WTH? (little to no instructions). 

At most I think twice a week homework and for no more than 20 min each. My DD brings it home every night, plus a book report. It all becomes MY homework, school needs to stay at school, if I wanted to homeschool I would have. 

Lauren Kellems

My best teacher EVER was one who gave us time to do our assignments during class (as classwork) and whatever we didn't finish was sent home as homework. It was brilliant! Those of us who worked at a faster pace rarely had homework, and those who needed a little extra time had the extra time. If we had any questions or didn't understand an assignment, we had classtime to figure things out, so taking it home and asking our parents to explain it wasn't a problem. Perfect model. The worst teachers are the ones who wait until you're all packed up and ready to go and then throw your homework assignments up on the board to try to scribble down on your way out. RUDE.

mary8... mary841108

Idk I think homework is a good thing because it reinforces what they are learning in school and practice makes perfect

TerriC TerriC

My kids would agree!  LOL

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