Peek Inside This Gorgeous, Colorful Kids' Playroom to Get Ideas for Your Own!

I think we all dream of having a special space set aside for our kids to enjoy some quiet time for study or play, and definitely a little creativity! I came across this dreamy one from Rachel at Pencil Shavings and fell in love with the bold use of color and fun details. 

Click through to see more of this fantastic room below:


Too many colors can get overwhelming if not done correctly, which is certainly not the case here. I love the mix of shapes and patterns and color, it's just so fun and oddly soothing too. 

A rolling library cart? Such a great idea. Tell me how do you feel about that wall color too. A bold choice, but I think it worked out well. It's so striking.

The stripes on the wall were done with wide format washi tape. Did you know such a thing existed? Super cool and not permanent at all. Bonus! 

I love maps anytime, but I especially like the stark white background on this particular one contrasted with the colorful countries, it served as a color palette for the whole room. Such fun geometric patterns and shapes on the rug and lamp too. Check out more details on this room design and get inspired!

I'm curious, do you have a special creative space set aside for your kids? Do tell! 

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