The Best Way to Deal With Siblings Fighting

It's cool to have a baby brother because my baby brother always, always, always, always loves me. He is fun because he lets me play with him.

(We asked Alan for his perspective, and sadly, Alan doesn't agree.)

Alan: "I don't love her because she always doesn't want to play with me. I don't really love her. She never wants to play with me. I always want to play with her and she says no.")

Nevertheless ...

When he says things like that, he makes me sad because I think he wants to be alone. I don't like to be alone. Alan lets me be alone and I am not happy because I don't have anyone to play with me. It's important to have people to play with. Here are 8 reasons I fight with my brother and 5 reasons I kind of love him. They are:

  1. Because he doesn't always like to play with me: This happens when he is busy. "Yeah," Alan says. "I don't like to play with her when I am busy."
  2. Alan hits me a lot: "I hit her because she never be's nice to me. Sometimes she hits me, pushes me, smashes me, and it's so rude and mean."
  3. He is mean to me first: He will get angry at me if I do something mean like biting or hitting. I bite him because if he is doing something mean, then I do it back.
  4. Because he touches my Kindle without responding to me: He, like, doesn't even tell me when he wants to play with it!!
  5. Sometimes when we play jump over me, he actually jumps on me on purpose on accident: "IT WAS AN ACCIDENT," says Alan.
  6. Because he kisses my butt (dissolves in giggles): Alan giggling too hard to answer. "Kissing butt!"
  7. Because he pulls my foot: Because he loves my foot. He's doing it right now!!! I let him play with my foot though. It's like he's a baby. Ew! He kissed it!
  8. Because he jumps on me: It hurts. OW, MY NOSE.

(After a quick break.)

5 reasons I love my brother:

  1. Because he makes me a horse and I like it: Weeeeee!
  2. Because he loves me: *can't talk, hugging
  3. Because he helps me: He helps me do the Perry the Platypus game. When I don't know how to do something, he can.
  4. He makes me laugh: He says funny words and does a lot of bathroom talk.
  5. Because he's nice to me: OK, not right now. But sometimes he is nice to me. Can't talk anymore. Alan is hitting me.

Do you love your baby brother?

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