9-Year-Old Survives Car Crash & Hikes More Than One Mile to Help Dying Dad (VIDEO)

car crash 9-year-old A 9-year-old girl who was in a horrific car crash with her father in Southern California hiked more than one mile at 1 a.m. to try to save her unresponsive father. Sadly, she was unsuccessful and her father died. But her heroism won't soon be forgotten.

The idea of this poor girl making such a horrific trek is terrifying and tragically poignant. But it's also a sign that our children are capable of so much more than we think or expect from them. After their SUV drove over a cliff, this little girl was able to assess her dad's condition, crawl out of the car, and walk through deep darkness on rough terrain. All of this was in order to save her dad.

The love is overwhelming. But it's more than that, too. See below:

As parents, we try so hard to make our kids independent, but we also coddle them. I am not indicting any parents because I do it myself. I still put my son's shoes on his feet even though I know he can do it. I still carry him part of the way on long walks just because he asks. Part of this is because he is my last baby (my daughter does much more for herself), but part of it is because he claims to not be able to and it's easier if I just do it.

Everyone is so shocked by this girl's walk because this story is being read in homes that are in "civilization." Whether urban, suburban, or rural, many parents in the US aren't asking their kids to do walks like this on a daily basis.

There is no doubt that what this girl did was heroic. Beyond. It's hard to imagine the fear that must have coursed through her, all alone at night on a dark road. Police suspect alcohol may have been a factor in the crash, which adds an extra layer of sadness. This girl was being so responsible and brave, while the man who was supposed to protect her may not have been.

Regardless of what caused the crash, this is a tragedy and this girl is a hero from whom we can learn so much about all of our kids. They are capable of so much more than we believe.

My heart breaks for her and I hope her healing starts soon.

Do you think we underestimate kids?




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Irela... Ireland69

Sad what she went thru and I hope she doesn't blame herself which I'm sure she will. But God gave her that strength to try to help her father no matter if he was drinking and he should've been more responsible. God was watching her!!

adopt... adoption2013

Yes we underestimate children in general.  A nine year child has some ability to reason.  Her survival instinct and perhaps a guardian Angel went into high gear.   If she had stayed there and they had not been found she would have perished one way or the other.  Her caregiver was unable to look after her so she had no choice.  Children as young as four manage to scavenge food when their drug addicted parents leave for days on end.  The point is that no child should have to be in this position she may never recover from the emotional damage.  I hope she is told that she is very brave and that she did everything that she could.

starl... starlighthippie

I did this when I was nine. My dad died too. It is heartbreaking. I was hoping this girl's story had a happier ending. You get left with this feeling that nothing in the world is good anymore and it is hard to shake. That you tried so hard to save him and you loved him and you were just little. How could this happen? Poor babe. My heart goes out to her.

starl... starlighthippie

On another note, that experience is also why I am now starting my pre-med pre reqs at the ripe old age of 27. Maybe one day I can save some other little girl's dad. Poor baby. So so sad.

momof... momof1teengirl

We absolutely underestimate kids!  Best parenting advice I've ever received:  kids will live UP to your expectations, or they will DOWN to them.  The choice is largely up to you.  If more parents would stop codding their precious rare delicate flower and let them learn, and do for themselves,, we would all be much better off!  Hats off to this poor child; may she recover quickly and have a long and wonderful life!


Vicky Bryan

Surprising because kids are much more sheltered now but the world is a different place. When I was an 8 yr old I walked to the St. Louis zoo almost everyday by myself. I played with my friends in Forest Park and did not have a care in the world. Now my daughter is not allowed to leave our yard because somebody may snatch her.

I am so sad the little girl's dad die I hope she has a big loving family to help her through it all.

Kimmie Fisher

Yes I know I do and I think that I always will. My thoughts and prayers goes out to the little girl,this article made my heart sad and I admit I was crying.

Leslie Holland

We absolutely underestimate them. When my son was 10, I had a seizure while driving us home from the grocery store. We were on the interstate and he was smart enough to know how to grab the wheel, put the car in neutral and guide our suburban 1500 onto the shoulder, keeping the vehicle straight while calling 911 from the hands-free unit on my cell phone. Luckily, a police car was nearby and came up in front of the suburban, working to get the vehicle to stop. My son put it in park and by then, the ambulance/emt's had gotten to us as well. If not for the fast thinking of my son, there could have been a wreck and we could have both been badly hurt.

irish... irishmama1007

Yes we as society underestimate what our kids can do. My boys are 5 and 3 and they amaze me with some of the things they can do, comprehend, think about, and feel about the world around them. 

Angela Kilpatrick

Poor girl.  Yes she is an awesome young lady.  I'm sure her dad is smiling on her now with pride for what she did.  Sucess or no, she still put out the effort and tried her best.  Now as far as the drinking being involved, we should all stop and realize that it is possible that was the cause, not for sure.  We would all feel foolish if it turns out that he wasn't drinking and everyone has assumed just because it's suspected that it's so.   Don't be judgemental when we don't know the facts.  If he was drinking shame on him.  If he wasn't then ppl don't need to be acusing when they don't know.  

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