Middle School Cancels Honors Night Because It Might Devastate 'Dumb' Kids

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Oh, good grief. A middle school in Massachusetts has decided to cancel honors night, which celebrates the achievements of students who made honor roll, because it would be "too devastating" for those students who tried really hard in class but still couldn't quite get the grades. Yeesh. Boo hoo. Does anyone ever cancel a football game because the small, clumsy types can't play? Of course not. Schools, parents, you're raising a generation of sniveling, entitled mental weaklings who won't be able to handle the real world.

Principal David Fabrizio defended the decision to cancel Ipswich Middle School's honors celebration by saying:

The honors night, which can be a great sense of pride for the recipients’ families, can also be devastating to a child who has worked extremely hard in a difficult class but who, despite growth, has not been able to maintain a high grade point average.

Well, I get that, but what about the students who DID manage to get on the honor roll? They get bupkis? I was an underachiever in school. I was never the kid with the highest grades; however, I was good at theater. I got my acknowledgement when I auditioned for a role, got it, did well at it, and had students applaud me when the play was done. The way things are going these days, there's probably no plays, no chorus, no art shows, no band, because those who couldn't get in them would be TOO DEVASTATED if other kids are being rewarded for their talent.

Anyway, the honors kids will apparently still be recognized, but it will be at a general assembly along with everyone else. I'm not sure how non-honors roll kids watching the kids with better grades be recognized will be less devastating -- but maybe they will just be given a quick wink from the podium that no one will really notice.

This trend is really a shame because kids are going to have absolutely no preparation for what happens in the real world. Not only rejection when they're not good enough -- but rejection when they are, but there's too many just like them, or maybe even for no reason at all.

No wonder children are living with their parents until they're in their 40s. It's the only place they're still "the star." No wonder this country has a prescription drug problem. People aren't learning how to deal with difficulty, sadness, frustration, rejection, or any other emotion that's not "everything is going my way!"

Maybe kids who try hard but don't get straight A's should be rewarded for their efforts. But to take away rewards for kids who do get straight A's -- whether it's from effort, pure brains, or some combination -- should be acknowledged too.

What do you think about cancelling honors night?

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GoDod... GoDodgers

My Straight A child would be removed from that school.

amber... amberdotsmom

They always say school prepares kids for the real world. So in the real world are employers supposed to hold back promotions and raises because the low performers might feel bad? And when they don't get that senior position how are they supposed to cope if this is how they were raised?
That said I do not understand at all how cancelling a night time event that the honorees were invited to makes the other kids feel better if they're now forced to watch these same kids get that recognition at an assembly? Excepting that, if it were me when I was in school, they get out of class for a few hours and I'd have been happy about that this plan makes no sense to me at all.

NanSi... NanSilver

I predict major pushback on this principal's decision. It sends the wrong message to all kids. Children's academic achievements should be celebrated. People need to get over the everybody--gets-a-trophy approach to educating and raising kids. It is so wrongheaded. Frankly, it's insulting to kids, who already know that people have different strengths.

Sara Cunningham

I was with you up until you threw in the aside about the "perscription drug problem". While some people are perscribed drugs they don't strictly need, many people do need medication to maintain their health and quality of life. Please don't discount the very real help medication can offer those who need it.

redK8... redK8blueSt8

Wow Kiri, I totally agree with you, 100%.

How does the saying go, You're only as strong as the weakest link? Well thanks to repeated instances like this our country as a whole is requiring the weakest link to be the norm.

Tracey Plummer

This is so stupid! My daughter was telling me yesterday that her best friend got a part in a play they are doing (2nd grade) and she didn't. I asked her how that made her feel, and she said she decided to just be excited for her friend, instead of feeling bad for not getting a role herself. If you ask me, that is an important lesson for a kid. Disappointment is a part of life, and hard work will earn you things that others don't have. I feel really bad for the kids who worked so hard to earn the honor roll, and now won't be acknowledged. It's not a very good lesson for them.

mande... manderspanders

Wow Kiri... I'm quite suprised you've been able to put together a coherent, non-snobbish, non-elitist liberal post.  I actually agree with you.

This insane crap has got to stop.  Who the hell are the people making these things up? Like what are their demographics? Are they young professionals from urban areas? Are they people who never had to struggle or be resourceful in life to make their success?  It just doesn't make sense that anyone who has acheived any level of professional position would do this to kids... they should know it is the struggles and disappointments in life that make us learn, grow and strive for better.

lulou lulou

I think this principal was paid off by the authors of Top Dog, the timing is way too fishy.

Now, do I resent my parents for buying my brothers tokens for not getting as many A's on their report card to bring into chuck E cheese, yes I do.

Setsuki Setsuki

Why must we create a education field that does this CRAP! I learned young that life isn't sunshine and butterflies, so why should kids grow up to think this

Way? (phone glitched right there) I love my daughter but I don't tolerate entitlement in a young child. Some people are better in different ways and I for one wasn't a scholar. For me I was happy for those who were just wasn't me. I would be more insulted for getting a participation award. To me they are BS

Serab... Serabelle

for once i actually agree with Kiri! WOW! I remember in High School and Middle School when i would get honored how proud i was! I agree that this country is overly endulging in this "everyone gets celebrated" BS! If  you put the work in, it shows. Most teachers take their students abilities into consideration when grading papers, and if a student is showing growth in a subject but may not be up to par with the AP kids, they will go a bit easier on them and reward them for their effort, or offer extra credit when asked by students that really do want to bring up their grades.

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