10 Fun, Fabulous Book Characters That Every Little Girl Should Meet

MatildaWe had a big win in my house last month. We finally convinced our second grade daughter to try the Ramona Quimby books. She dove in, and she hasn't come up for air yet. Score one for girl power in the book shelves!

I've been a little down in the dumps about the state of children's literature lately -- particularly the message being sent to young girls. The "hot" books that my daughter's classmates are reading all seem to have male characters at the center ... and boys who are jerks to boot (seriously, what do people SEE in this Wimpy Kid character?).

I've taken those books as a challenge. Can I find feminist role models in children's literature, girls I want my daughter to read about and be like?


The answer, thankfully, is yes. The are out there. From Ramona to Matilda to Babymouse. You just have to look a little harder sometimes.

And because I HAVE been doing a lot of looking to make sure my own daughter feels all the girl love she can, I've got a head start ... that I'm willing to share.

These are the books I'm happy to put on my daughter's shelves, the books about girls I would love her to be like, girls who I hope empower her to stretch for her dreams.

Which is your favorite? Who are your girl power heroes in kid lit?


Image via Penguin


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