Taking Kids Out of School for a Spring Getaway -- Do or Don't?

lex and calebNow that my son's at the age where I don't break out in sweat at the thought of traveling with him, I love family getaways. Every trip is like a big adventure as far as he is concerned, especially if that means hopping aboard a train (which in his mind MUST be related to Thomas) or a plane (where he can soar through the sky like Superman). Most of the time, we like to keep these trips to spring breaks or summertime, but we have found more and more opportunities to travel when school is still in. So what's a responsible mom to do?


My husband and I are huge believers in the importance of education. In fact, we don't think the school year is long enough. That said, we also believe that you only live once. If we have the chance to take our amazing little guy on a trip that we all will enjoy, we are all for it. That's especially true as the weather begins to warm up. There is nothing like being able to enjoy another city or tourist attraction when the weather hits those perfect spring temps -- around 65 to 72 degrees. Breathing in that crisp air is so refreshing, so invigorating. It really is awesome.

Usually, the only time we take our kids out of school is when they are sick. Pink eye, strep throat, the flu. Ugh. That's no fun for anyone. Why not do it for an exciting reason too. Besides, it's so important to create special memories whenever we can. It's so easy to be consumed by the responsibilities and never-ending to-do lists of everyday life. I know most days, I am on auto-pilot. Get up, cook breakfast, pick out school clothes, make lunch, find something to wear to work, rush out the door just in time. It's nice to break up the monotonous routine every once in awhile. Everyone appreciates it -- kids and parents.

So I am all for playing hooky. It's great for the whole family. Just make sure they know what a special treat it is and that skipping school isn't something that they can do all the time. It promises to be among the best family memories you will have.

Do you ever take your kids out of school for family trips?


Image via Ericka Souter

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