5 Stupid Things People Say to Moms of Girls

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Stupid things people say to parents of girlsAs a mom of four kids, I've had some pretty stupid things said to me over the years. But none have been as bad as the things people say to me (and my husband) about parenting three girls.

But hey, thank goodness I at least have one boy to balance things out.

(Seriously, someone said that.)

If you're raising girls yourself, then I'm guessing you've heard at least some or all of these things too.

Well, so much for your namesake! Last time I checked, I kept my own name, and although I didn't pass it along to my kids, it's 2013 and not 1957. There are plenty of women who are keeping their last names and giving them to their kids. And even crazier, there are men who are hyphenating and/or changing their own names.

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How do you survive with all the estrogen in your house? I cannot tell you how many times my husband hears this and how many times he has to tell people how wonderful it is to have so many women in the house. Even better is when people push him to talk about "that time of the month," which generally makes his blood boil. I like to ask them about their bowel regularity (which to me is an equally inappropriate topic), which generally shuts people up.

Good luck when they're teenagers! So let's be clear here: Teenagers in general are hard, not just girls. In fact, I'm pretty sure it'll be crazy in my house because I'll have four teenagers, not because three of them are girls. But hey, you're welcome to come over and document that first hand considering how much you know about child development.

Hope you're saving up for all those weddings! I realize that, traditionally speaking, the bride's parents pay for the wedding; however, that's not something that happened to me and it won't be happening for my kids either. We're happy to support them in their choices, whether it's marriage or a partnership or whatever else they decide, but I won't be plunking down thousands of dollars for their weddings. And PS. Is it really your business?

It must be so quiet and peaceful in your house! I still can't quite understand why people think girls are so docile. Sure, maybe a gaggle of boys might be more active in their play, but trust me when I say that girls are not peaceful or quiet. And if they are, like most other kids, they are probably doing something they're not supposed to. Thanks for furthering gender stereotypes!

Parents of girls: What annoying things have people said to you?


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Melis... Melissa1508

Ahh yes, the comments. I have 2 girls and don't plan to have anymore children and people are just taken aback that I don't want to add a boy to the mix. "But who will your husband play baseball with?" Um...my daughter loves baseball. It's just stupid crap like that. I don't understand why people care so much.

Shandi80 Shandi80

Sounds like someone needs to wear a sign around their neck that says "I am offended by small talk. So don't talk to me about my kids unless it's a compliment but I can't guarantee I won't dissect that compliment, turn it in to an insult and blog about it. Good day."

Mothe... MotherGrace

I love how people think girls are so much quieter. Id put money down saying your son is quieter than those three girls. Take a group of children of either single gender, and you have NOISE. I'm the youngest of 5, and there's one boy. It's the pack, y'all.

.LoVe... .LoVeMyBuG.

I have two girls, no one's really made any comments like the above however I do get comments about me not wanting anymore kids (one of my DD's is not mine biologically but is MINE) people seem to think I am weird for wanting only ONE bio child?? Um, I have two. Just because one is not my bio child does not mean I want a third that is "mine" and even if I had a third child, I would have just that a THIRD child, not two children and one that's not really mine because we don't share the same DNA. But people say stupid things all the time, just shrug it off and move on... 

nonmember avatar Lea Brousseau

I'm a mother of two girls, aged 3 years and (almost) 2 years. And the one comment I get that I absolutely can not stand is "oh, she's gorgeous! All the boys will be chasing after her when she gets older so you better watch out!" They are toddlers! I don't want to hear things like that!

BirdCo BirdCo

Shandi80 wins the comments today.

All the "lists" are getting very old.

Angie... AngieHayes

I don't know why people say this crap. Like boys are just the greatest things on the Earth. My parents had more trouble with my one brother then they had with my sister and I combined! He never came home when he was suppose to, drove too fast, and didn't help out around the house...  I think people just say things to say things, like... how's the weather.

craft... craftycatVT

My mil said, "at least you won't have to pay for college!" Why not? I went to college.

craft... craftycatVT

My mil said, "at least you won't have to pay for college!" Why not? I went to college.

nonmember avatar Amanda

I'm a mom of two girls and I HATE when people ask if we're going to try for a boy!!! What makes you think that I must have a boy??!! As if I can't be happy with my two girls! No we're not trying for a boy we're happy with our two girls and love them more than life itself!

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