Get Organized Now!

Laura's blog

Did I find a mom worth checking out? On an interview with "Laura, the organizing junkie" offers helpful organizing advice for hectic mothers. But what drew me to this self-professed organizing "freak" and mother of an 11, 9 and 2-year-old, was not the how-to's (which you can definitely get on Laura's perfectly obsessive blog, but the whys:


"Organizing has become such a passion for me because I realize how much easier it makes my life. I don't waste time looking for things, I don't waste money buying things I already have but can't find, we eat healthier, I'm not constantly tripping over clutter, I'm on time when I go places and generally I'm a lot less stressed..."

Personally, I struggle with organizing, my home is filled with, shall we say, artifacts and stuff with "sentimental value"-- but when I read testimonies like Laura's, I'm genuinely inspired to take baby steps. Off to organize the DVDs...after checking out 10 Simple Ways to Get Orgazined in Baby Buzz.

Are you super-organized?

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