My First-Grader Explains 'Twilight,' '50 Shades of Grey,' the Kardashians & More

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Did you see this article where a first-grader tried to guess what Oscar-nominated movies were about, based on their posters? I got such a kick out of reading the answers I decided to try my own version of this, since I have an opinionated 7-year-old of my very own who I haven't exploited for blog entertainment purposes in at least 20 minutes or so. Instead of focusing on critically-acclaimed films, though, I asked my first-grader to take a look at the promotional material from a variety of popular topics -- including the Kardashians, Fifty Shades of Grey, Honey Boo Boo, Twilight, and more -- in order to give his best description of what the hell it is America's so obsessed with.

Check out his answers:


"This is a movie about a guy who's some kind of monster, the kind with weird eyes. Anyway, he has to rescue that girl but they're both really sad. I think they only like each other a little bit."

Keeping Up With the Kardashians:

"This is a show about three girls who go out and while they're shopping a battle breaks out and they have to use their shopping carts as weapons! But their hair gets in the way. They should have ponytails, that would help. The good thing is they're wearing black like ninjas."

Teen Mom:

"This is a show about a mom who makes books of photos about babies. What's that called? Scrappedbooking? Anyway, she put a picture of a baby in there, I guess. I guess that's the whole show? This seems lame."

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo:

"This show is about a family where a girl makes everyone bored and they don't know what to do because they're all so bored. The family was happy before the girl was there. Now they just sit around and watch TV."

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills:

"These ladies are rich ladies and all day they try to get more money but they don't want to share the money so they keep fighting with each other. But there's a happy ending because they share the money by splitting it up. But it's also not a great ending because they just buy dumb stuff with it."

Fifty Shades of Grey:

"This is about a guy named James who wears a tie and he's like a president and there's a big war that tries to destroy him so he pulls the tie off and he fights his way through using the tie like nunchucks. Wapow!"

Has your kid ever had a funny interpretation of a show you watch?

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chigi... chigirl1228

He's really not that far off with real housewives and that is pretty hilarious

nonmember avatar Yosemite

I'm speechless. Why are you letting your son watching these crappy TV shows anyway? Turn off the tube and let him go play outside! Time for your whole family to get some hobbies! Sheesh!

LeeshaE LeeshaE

Yosemite she didn't let him watch the show just showed him the promo posters. Chill out.

Mered... Meredith877

Wow Yosemite... Read the post before you judge! Linda showed her son the posters from the movies/show!

Anyways, this was hilarious!! I love the way kids' minds work lol Ninja Kardashians hehe

fanta... fantasticfour

Wow little boys are facinated with war aren't they?

Mille... Millertime77

Your son is very cute! And secondly, he gives a better description of Fifty Shades of Grey-than E.L. James did in the whole book! The book was pure literary crap!  And he's dead on about the Twilight.  So stupid!

nonmember avatar Jeri

Cute answers! Love the ones for twilight, kardashians, and real housewives!!! I think I will try this with my younger niece and nephews!!!

Eliza... ElizabethZ3

This is hilarious - I love the Kardashian one the most!

Yeah and Yosemite - try READING the whole post instead of just skimming and looking at the pictures and it might help you avoid dumb comments in the future.

Janelle Holty Halverson

This is hilarious! Both the post and the fact that one person didn't actually read it the post very carefully.

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