Honey Boo Boo’s Big Personality Is Masking One Very Important Thing

Honey Boo Boo\" height=People either love or hate Honey Boo Boo. The only public personality more divisive these days seems to be President Barack Obama. Crazy, but true. Alana Thompson and her down-to-earth Georgia clan have been criticized for everything from "the decay of Western civilization" to "complete f**king ignorance" to "her mother puts her onstage looking like a glorified hooker!" But I think recent photographs of the little pageant contestant reveal what kind of person Honey Boo Boo really is

Seeing Alana play with a hoola-hoop on her porch proves just one thing: she is first and foremost a child. It is easy to forget that when someone so young becomes a big TV star. Arguably, she is even more than that. Since the show debuted last year, Honey Boo Boo and her family have become a cultural phenomenon. There is no disputing that they are wacky and often crude. They do things most of us could never imagine doing -- at least not in public, anyway. 

But does that mean they should be demonized? Does that make it okay to pick on a little girl? It's especially dismaying to see adults poke fun at her size. A 7-year-old should never be the butt of fat jokes. I think what we have to remember is that Alana, despite her outsized personality, is still a very young child.

She may not seem particularly sensitive or fragile, but all those mean words can hurt. Yes, she is famous, but she wants the same things every kid wants -- to have fun, be happy, and feel loved and protected. I am not quite sure why it is so hard for her harshest critics to see that. Perhaps they should think about the harm they can do to her self-esteem and her body image. She may have catchphrases ("A dolla make me holla!"), but at this age, she isn't really all that different than your kids.

Do you think people forget that Honey Boo Boo is just a little girl?


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Madam... MadameGarlic

Yes, I agree. I don't think I've ever seen an adult insult a child's weight to her face, but social media allows people the distance to feel hidden. Cowards.

zombi... zombiemommy916

Completely agree with MadameGarlic...just because they're on tv, doesn't make them untouchable...

tuffy... tuffymama

I think it is destructive to a child to thrust him or her into the spotlight in the manner this one has been, only to be subjected to ridicule and critical scrutiny. I would never do this to my own. That the parents seem completely lacking in social graces or education beyond middle school gives me a pang of conscience, as if they themselves have been rooked by the network for advertising dollars, with no concern for the spirits of the victims as entertainers. Ugh ugh ugh. I won't watch. I refuse to give my time and blessing to such banality and bullying.

Coles... Coles_mom

My son is almost 7 and I can NOT imagine him taking even one insult in a day let alone thousands that are thrown at this poor kid hourly. I'm not a fan of the show and don't watch it, but this IS just a little kid!!!

nonmember avatar IslandMomOf4

She's just a little girl. I'm not a fan of the show but I've seen the snide remarks by many about her. I'm sure the adults would never say that to her face and if they did, I'd put $10 on her Mom to send THEM off in tears!

Linda Marie Ortega

I think the whole family has more class than th kardasions

Amy Shorey Grace

Of course she is just a little girl, she is a bit precocious. I love her and her family.They really love each other, and aren't ruined by the fame.They know how to have fun togrther. They are not all on their cell phones and computers ignoribg each other, like most families do these days. They are involved in their community and do a lot of work with local charities. Most people that judge them don't do these things with their families, and have obviously not watched much of the show.

Casey Moss

What night is Honey Boo Boo on?  I keep searching, searching, searching.  

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