Snoopy Who? Classic Cartoons and a New TV Generation

tvThis holiday season Dora will save the Snow Princess. Everyone in my house knows this definitively. But a couple weeks ago when I announced that A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving was coming on, my kids were more like, huh?


They sat through it; turned out they really liked Peppermint Patty and assorted crew. At one point my 5-year-old was laughing out loud hysterically. When I came running in from the kitchen to see what was so hilarious, I discovered Snoopy wrestling a folding chair. Hilarious, indeed. The next day my son, retelling the episode, referred to Snoopy as "the dog." The dog?!

How could my kid not know Snoopy? He knows every character under the sun. But clearly Donald Duck, Charlie Brown and any other 40+-year-old illustrated American icon is in the shade. I suppose it really is the time for change. (A girl gets so busy mothering, you forget to give the lesson on the classics.) Well, like it or not, this year we're watching Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and The Grinch that Stole Christmas too. And we're gonna like it. Hmph.

Do classic television characters mean anything to your kids?

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