Overzealous School Suspends 2nd Grader for Packing Pop-Tart 'Gun'

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Pop-TartI get that people are scared in the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings, and that schools are trying to do what they can to prevent violence. However, when a 7-year-old gets kicked out of school for packing a pastry that looks like a gun, we have to question if things haven't gotten a little out of control.

It happened last week when Josh Welch of Baltimore was eating his breakfast at Park Elementary School. According to Fox 45, the second grader had a Pop-Tart that he was attempting to eat into a mountain. He didn't quite get it right, and he told WBFF, "It turned out to be a gun kinda."

His teacher didn't see any ambiguity, however. She said it was definitely a gun and that she heard him say "bang bang." So for that, he was immediately sent home and suspended for two days. Oh, and his Pop-Tart was confiscated too.

Talk about an overreaction. Rules are rules, but it seems to me a warning might have been much more appropriate in this case. Even if he was such a clever eater/artist that it did look like a gun, it's a pastry. That's all. And the boy is just 7!

Josh's father agrees it was outrageous and told the station he'd almost call it insanity. "I mean with all the potential issues that could be dealt with at school, real threats, bullies, whatever the real issue is, it's a pastry. Ya know?"

The school won't comment beyond saying a student was suspended for using food "to make inappropriate gestures," but it seems the punishment is much more inappropriate than the offense based on what's being reported. Maybe there's more to the story, but I can't imagine what it would be that would warrant a suspension.

This isn't the first example of over-zealousness we've seen along these lines either. In January we saw a 6-year-old boy get suspended for pointing his finger at a classmate like a gun. Later that month we saw a 5-year-old girl suspended for making a "terrorist threat" with her Hello Kitty bubble gun.

On one hand, it's great that schools are taking threats seriously, but there also has to be some flexibility and common sense used as well. And at least in the case of the Pop-Tart, it seems there wasn't.

Do you think this boy should have been suspended?

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Doomy234 Doomy234

Ridiculous. These incidents arent "threats" and couldnt even be misconstrued as such. You cant cause lethal (or even anything other than minor) damage with a finger, a poptart, a bubble blowing toy or a piece of paper. To suspend a child for such things as these is nothing short of stupid. Like the dad said, there are bigger issues to deal with.

the4m... the4mutts

Smh.... overly sensitive assholes. Kids arent allowed to be kids anymore.

Phil Cooper

These stories keep coming, even though every time one of these outrages occurs, the offending school district officials get a ton of ridicule in the form of bad press, telephone calls and emails dumped on them. School districts with such idiotic administrators who make and enforce theses utopian rules and are incapable of learning from the missteps of others should start recruiting replacement personnel with IQs bigger than their shoe size. Nobody wants "educators" that stupid in charge of educating their children.

Kate Cooley

Zero Tolerance policies are just that - they have zero tolerance for children acting as children do. They go on and on about "someone might think you're threatening them" and "terrorism this" and "behavior that" for kids who play guns (even with just their fingers), but when someone's actually bullied or threatened, they turn into the biggest crowd of do-nothings known to mankind.

Rando... Randomlady

We should just teach children guns don't exist so they don't pretend to play cops and robbers or even aspire to be cops when they grow up, that would be awful! Wait, guns DO exist! They CAN grow up to be cops! I'm amazed at the school system, just because a kid pretends to chase and shoot someone doesn't mean they are going to be criminals, in fact they could be hindering the inspiration to be a cop and they are certainly limiting their pretend play a lot, who didn't pretend they were a sharp shooter in the old west or even saving humanity from aliens when they were a kid? I'm begining not to like what schools are becoming.

Jamie Taylor

Stupidity at its best. What are they going to do now? Ban all toy guns so little boys can't be like daddy being a brave police officer or a hunter or cowboy. Kids these days can't seem to use their imaginations any more. Sigh.

David D'Esposito

Randomlady, I'm not following you.
You're insinuating that a kid can grow up to be a cop OR a criminal... as if there were some sort of difference...

mande... manderspanders

I'd say fuck the "suspension"... I'd take my kid to school and go right along with him to class. I wouldn't let the administration get away with it. 

Aeaden Griffslayer

I think the school should be expelled permanently !! This is ludicrous and these people are just plain morons and idiots. The bubble gun was so far gone I couldn't help but express my anger. These liberal nutcases are going to ruin our country !!!!

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