7 Indoor Playhouses That Are Beautiful Additions to Any Child's Bedroom

Winter is so taxing on kids and their imaginations. Sure, they've got plenty of time indoors to hone those skills, but it's easy to run low on places where they can exercise. I mean, the family room and their bedrooms are only exciting for so long. Unless ... unless you've got a killer built-in playhouse in their rooms. What kid wouldn't go bonkers for that? 

The one pictured above is from an amazing Brooklyn apartment designed by Incorporated. Kind of ridiculously awesome, right? Click through below to see 6 more indoor playhouses below:


Proof that a built-in playhouse doesn't have to take up the whole room. How about a castle turret in a corner? Genius!

I really like the idea of doing a loft bed with a built-in play area underneath. It's unique and imaginative -- not to mention space-saving. 

Well, here's the castle idea taken a few steps further into an actual fleshed-out toy castle. How cool! I believe there's a bed inside as well. Might be a bit easier to convince your littles to go to bed if they get to sleep inside a real castle. 

I think this little cabin playhouse is so charming. It looks like it has a bed and plenty of storage too -- such fun!

If you have a wide open landing or room at the top of your stairs like this, a playhouse like this could definitely work! By building it into the slanted ceilings, they were able to take advantage of space that would be hard to make good use of otherwise. 

A cozy corner cottage like this looks positively inviting and would likely translate into hours upon hours of imaginative fun. 

I was lucky enough to have an outdoor playhouse as a kid, but most definitely not an indoor one. How about you?

Do you think you'd ever be bold enough to build something like this for the kids in your own home? I'm interested to hear!


Images via Incorporated, Apartment Therapy, Fe Fi Fo Famma, A Beautiful Life, Kid Space Stuff, Apartment Therapy, A Beautiful Life

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