Honey Boo Boo’s Girl Scouts Cookies Sale on Facebook Is Unfair to Her Troop

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honey boo booHow awesome would it be to drop your daughter off at her Girl Scouts meeting and discover that Honey Boo Boo had joined the troop. Cool right? Whatever you may think about her family, you have to admit she's pretty cute and charming -- in a "I can't believe she did that" kind of way. One thing you may not be very happy about though is how the little beauty queen is selling Girl Scout Cookies.

If she is going for most Thin Mints sold ever, she just may bring home the badge. Honey Boo Boo has been peddling the boxes via her Facebook page, raking up mega sales from among her 700,000 followers. An ad reads that if you send $3.50, plus shipping and handling, you will get an autographed box.

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Once Girl Scouts USA got wind of what they were up to, they were understandably outraged and asked the family to pull the ad down. I am sure plenty parents were pretty upset too. It does seem incredibly unfair to the other kids. Isn’t selling the cookies supposed to teach the girls something about work ethic? Aren’t they supposed to try to sell them themselves?

I know parents do help out, of course. When I was growing up, my mom would take the order form to work and guilt her colleagues into buying a few boxes each. But I also did my part. I asked our neighbors and family members myself. Though I wasn't a shy kid, the exercise definitely helped build my confidence and my ability to communicate with adults. It also taught me about money and working for it. It seems as if Honey Boo Boo and other kids whose moms are doing all the work are missing out on these invaluable lessons. Yes, parents should help, but this is something the kids should be doing for themselves.

Honey Boo Boo has pulled the ad down, but not before raking in plenty of orders. On her FB page, she posted a pic of a huge shipment of cookies letting everyone know that she hasn't had a chance to sign them yet because her daddy Sugar Bear had been ill, but that she will get to it ASAP and ship them out. No doubt she will come home with the "Most Cookies Sold in Girl Scouts History" badge.

Do you think it was wrong for Honey Boo Boo to sell cookies via Facebook?


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bills... billsfan1104

It helps her troop, but I understand why the Girl Scouts asked for it to come down.

Madam... MadameGarlic

Is selling on the Internet even allowed? When I was a leader, it was forbidden, for the reasons stated above. My girls really benefitted by the face to face communication and group effort.

chech... chechimansmama

Just to clarify TMZ is reporting that she is not in a troop. She is helping a friend by doing this.. but I do understand that it gives an uneven selling advantage to the GS's in her friends troop.

Michi... MichiganMom602

The money benefits her troop so who cares?  She is an excellent little sales gal...we buy what she sells everyday.  Who cares how she does it?  If people buy, they buy.  And by "she" I mean the whole Honey Boo Boo clan.

buffa... buffalove23

How is parents taking the cookie form to work teaching work ethic? So what she is helping out a friend.

power... powertothekids

very unfair very unfair as i was a girl scout and so is my daughter nut to mention she cant ask for extra money and how old is this it is 4.00  a box. maybe she is another state

acrog... acrogodess

I don't care how someone makes the sales. Damn, I want some girl scout cookies now. :-(

Tripl... TripleC14

Who cares...the point is to get the cookies sold in order to benefit the troop. And since I've yet to see a girl scout/guide at my door, but many parents peddling cookies at work, I think it's totally hypocritical. I'd shelve this in the 'whatever' pile. But people like to find things to complain about.

kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

not even suppose to sell online! And yea completely unfair

Amand... AmandaMichele

She isn't in a troop. She is selling them for a friend.

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