Parents of Suri Cruise's 'Body Double' Must Be Nuts


Suri CruiseThere's only one Suri Cruise. Or maybe not. Pictures of a little girl who looks uncannily like Suri Cruise -- even dresses like her and acts like her and gets carried around just like her -- have shown up in the press and theories abound as to who this little girl is. Did Katie and Tom really have twins and for some reason kept the second Suri under wraps? Since Suri 2.0 has been seen leaving the same Manhattan school Suri attends -- with the same mother, Katie Holmes, who gave birth to the real Suri -- theories have focused on the idea that this must be SURI'S BODY DOUBLE. Woah.

On Friday, the paparazzi followed Katie as she picked up "Suri" from school, returned to their Chelsea apartment, and then apparently headed downtown for a snack. But suddenly the vehicle carrying Katie and "Suri" stopped -- and "Suri" entered a police station.

Meanwhile, the real Suri, who was dressed exactly like Suri 2.0, was with her nanny, who brought her home.

The two Suris look so alike, I had to stare at Fake Suri's photos for quite awhile before I could see the difference (FS's nose is a little longer). This is a pretty smooth scheme, but to what end exactly? Sources say that Suri's overprotective dad, Tom Cruise, has recently jacked up Suri's security -- and a body double is part of that.

Does this mean Suri's had a threat of some kind? And if so, who is this little fake Suri? She's a real girl. Couldn't SHE now be the potential target of whatever and whomever it is that Tom and Katie are hiding the real Suri from? And if so, who are this girl's parents? Why would they let her take such a dangerous job?

Obviously, there must be money involved. Perhaps this work is more lucrative than being a Suri lookalike hired for children's birthday parties. And it sounds like Fake Suri gets to go to Suri's fancy school and hang out with Katie Holmes. Cool enough.

But is she safe?! Why would any parent want to put their kid in harm's way in the name of protecting Suri Cruise? Not that Suri isn't adorable, mind you. And how'd she get this job? Where does one advertise for a Suri lookalike? Maybe Tom has had a Suri clone locked away in some bunker in Scientology headquarters all along?

This poor girl. Having to wear those flower beanies in her hair, and get carried around all of the time just like Suri.

What happens when she goes back to her regular life and realizes she's not Suri? Will she realize she's not Suri? Is she Suri? Ahhhh! I'm so freaked out.

Would you let your child be Suri's body double?


Image via SplashNews

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abra819 abra819 my two year old would say "that's not good"...

nonmember avatar Cass

Am I the only one who's more upset by the fact that paparazzi were following "Suri" home from school? With her mom or not, that'd be criminal if she weren't "famous".

The way I see it, Suri's body double is probably being paid handsomely on top of what I assume is paid tuition to that school. The deal isn't "put your child in danger for money"- its "your child's picture will be taken. In exchange, well pay for her schooling and (I assume) a salary that's enough to cover college in the future. Oh, and there will be a security guard with her at all times." It's unorthodox and not for everybody, sure- but lets not pretend that the body double's parents are somehow hurting their kid.

SLJoJo27 SLJoJo27

First off, if she needs a body double is it safe for her that all of this is being posted?
Secondly, wha???? lol

Stephanie Grodem

I'm sure the real Suri isn't in danger, they just get tired of their lives not being private, that's where the body double comes in. I don't think the body double is in danger either and look at teh perks, she's getting a good education that she may otherwise not get. 


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