Superhero Underwear for Little Girls Are a Big Step Toward Gender Equality

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Batgirl UnderwearAll I can say is it's about darn time. Superhero undies for girls are finally hitting the shelves. Parents have only spent how long buying their daughters packs of boys underwear before it happened? 

I know, I know. I should not look a gift horse in the mouth. Let me just put this out there: I am happy that Fruit of the Loom has paired with DC Comics to bring out a line of superhero underwear for little girls. Ecstatic. Over the moon.

Seriously, I can't scream my kudos to the company loud enough.

But while I'm patting them on the back, I have to say it. I'm tired of being that mom who has to fight tooth and nail for my daughter to have the smallest of pleasures

Because underwear are pretty small, aren't they? Especially little kids' underwear. Before I was a parent, I never even thought about them. I certainly didn't think it would matter what was on them.

Then I gave birth to a daughter, and I found out that kids care -- a lot -- about the piece of fabric covering their bottoms.

Unfortunately, there's no clearer example of the gender divide than the kids' underwear aisle. The girls have the options to wear ponies and princesses. The boys have options to wear toy trucks and superheroes.

Now, if this were the toy aisle, I'd just suck it up, ignore the gender of the kid on the box, and buy whatever my kid wanted. We do it often because my girl who is obsessed with pink and sparkles also has a penchant for toy trucks and a number of other so-called boy things.

But you can't do that with underwear. The cut of the cloth is different to suit the different body types.

So what's a parent to do? Blogger Tom Burns came out awhile back that he'd been buying his daughter boys underwear to satisfy her craving to step beyond the cookie cutter world of girldom. I applauded him for being brave enough to jump over the divide, but the woman in me pondered the comfort (or lack thereof) of wearing clothes not cut for your body.

The mom in me just ranted along with Burns that there were no better options for our girls and, frankly, for our boys. What if someone's son wants to wear Littlest Pet Shop undies? Or My Little Pony?

New superhero underwear for girls is a big step.

Sadly, it's only the first one on a long, long road to letting our kids know that they can be whoever they want to be.

Would you buy superhero undies for your daughter?


Image via Fruit of the Loom



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nonmember avatar SJP

I won't applaud them for a breakthrough in gender equality until we see boys underwear with Dora and the like.

Elizabeth Ahmad

Yes I would in a hot minute.   My dd loves transformers and I had to buy her transformers underwear for boys.

lalab... lalaboosh

I agree with SJP (omg, Sarah Jessica Parker? Lol!), but I think it's a big step forward. I hope they make Joker panties, my daughter loves him! And I want some in my size!

Aeris... AerisKate

Yes, if they were Marvel characters! She LOVES spiderman, iron man, captain america, and hulk. 

Flori... Floridamom96

Gender equality? No, you mean gender sameness. The two things are not the same. It's one thing to be happy about this 'cause your kid likes it, but as some feminist statement? How stupid.

nonmember avatar Cynthia

Um, my 2 daughter's like wearing boys underwear! Most of the time they're more comfortable, esp when you get the boxerbrief style! Until they make little girl panties that don't ride up, I see my girls in 'boy' underwear for a long while. We've never cared about the 'character' ones for any of the kids, and my son would rather his look like Dad's-plain colors-anyways!

notab... notabosley

In a heartbeat, my DD loves trucks and cars.

nekoy... nekoyukidoll

i had these when I was a little girl and I got some now.  

Christie Haskell

I have my own Wonder Woman underwear. :)

weird... weirdkids

honestly, when ur little, the cut doesnt really feel much different except its a little breezy. i remember when i was really young being at disney. i had an accident while in line for dumbo lol all the gift shop had was boys underwear so my mom bought them. after that, i didnt switch until i was like 8 or 9 lol i think its great though that there will be super hero undies for girls. if they come in "boy shorts" my dd will be all over the batman ones lol

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