Gift Guide, Big Kids: Creative Kiddo

easelDay two of the Daily Buzz Gift Guide and today's catch is for the Creative Kiddo in your house. There is nothing like healthy stimulation for the child that is already brimming with natural creativity. Help bring out their best with any one of these awesome surprises! Remember, all throughout Daily Buzz this week, we are listing the A-Z of cool holiday gift ideas--now you have one less thing to think about.

Product: Melissa and Doug Deluxe Standing Easel

Cost: $38.99

Where to Buy:

Extras: 4 colorful clips, and free shipping!

Why I Love It: For one, two kids can work on this at the same time. Also, the easel can be used as a  chalkboard, dry erase board or classic painter's easel. The trays neatly hold all your young artist's many supplies, and folds up neatly to store in a corner or under the bed. But the best part is that this easel is wooden, not plastic! Recommended for ages 3 and up--but trust me, bigger kids (say 5-10) will also love this large-sized creative toy.

Product: Deluxe Pottery Wheel by Alex Toys

Cost: $49.88

Where to Buy:

Extras: 6 unique carving attachments.

Why I Love It: Don't let the colors fool you. This is a real pottery wheel! For kids that love to work with their hands and shape things from scratch this is a dream. Once they feel the moist clay slipping through their fingers, and then watch their own creations harden into usable pots, cups, plates and mugs, they'll be hooked for hours. It's a little pricey--but it's not another video game.

hanna montana

Product: Crayola Hannah Montana Light-Up Fashion Studio

Cost: $19.97

Where to Buy:

Extras: 20 Hannah Montana fashion design sheets, 12 colored pencils

Why I Love It: Watch out Heidi Klum and Project Runway! Hannah and her designing divas are here! If your daughter is already a slave to fashion, then she will truly enjoy putting her own fashion designs to the test. When she sees that her sketches light up like rock stars, forget it! With this toy the desinger in your house can create thousands of unique outfits--and there's sparkle glitter glue stick to add important finishing touches. Consider this the paper dolls of the future. For big girls 8 and up.

Stay tuned for gifts for Techno-Saurus, Game Boarders and Sports Lovers. And if you missed it, check out the gift guide for those smarties at the Head of the Class.

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