Mom of Daughter With Cotton Allergy Wants Her Friends to Buy Cotton-Free Clothes

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classroomHaving a kids with allergies isn't easy. The thought that something so harmless to most people, could actually put your child's life in danger is frightening. I know from experience. Things like nuts, milk, and eggs are hard enough to deal with, but one mom was on a mission to keep her daughter away from cotton. Yes cotton. You know, the fabric that 99% of clothes are made of. But she doesn't just want it to be her burden. You won't believe what she asked parents at her daughter's school to do.

She wanted them to buy their children cotton-free school wardrobes to ensure her daughter does not have an allergic reaction. Crazy right. I certainly sympathize with this mom. My son has a nut allergy and I am very grateful that his classroom is nut free (a policy that was in place before we got there). But eliminating one ingredient from the foods allowed in lunches is quite different than having the entire class revamp their wardrobe. Not to mention, it sounds incredibly costly.

But I would be willing to do it if the allergy was life-threatening. In this case, it was. When the fabric touches her skin, the little girl breaks out in a bad rash and her throats starts to swell. All it takes is another child brushing up against her. That is incredibly scary -- not just for the child, but the teachers and other kids too. Can you imagine the guilt a child would feel if they made their friend so sick just because of something they were wearing? Given that, I would probably do my best to meet this mom's request.

We asked over 500 moms what they would do: 11% said they would buy new things; 12% said maybe, depending on the cost; 67% said no, absolutely not. It is asking a lot. Perhaps that family should offer to to subsidize the purchases if they could.

Would you buy your kids new clothes?


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the4m... the4mutts

If you got this from the cm mom confessions group, then youre leaving out key factors:

Kid WENT to a private school. They changed the dress code for her, and parents had ample notice to alter the uniforms.

Also, the "kid" is grown now. Graduated from an ivy league college.

the4m... the4mutts

Oh, and my answer is no, I would not.

Kids with allergies like that, need to be home/private schooled, which is the same thing I said in the topic originally

Flori... Floridamom96

Your kids nut allergy and your demands to remove nuts from the school/class is NOT different from this mom's request. Both are wrong.

Coles... Coles_mom!!!!!! Keep the kid at home!!! Nut allergy kids too!!!! It is beyond absurd and entitled to change hundreds of kids day-to-day routine for ONE FREAKING KID!!!! I agree with floridamom 100%. My kid had a nut-free school and I sent a pb&j to school EVERY single day because that's all HE would eat.

Coles... Coles_mom

Oh...and shockingly enough... No one died from it.

Or ever even noticed, for that matter.

mommy... mommyof5cutties

If I was the parent of this poor child I would keep her at home... homeschooling her. Not trying to shut her from the world but if its that bad then its for her own good. Is there not a medicine they can give to help? Poor thing.. so thankful we don't have any allergies but to pollen.

.LoVe... .LoVeMyBuG.

I am getting so sick of people feeling entitled and expecting every one to bow down and cater to THEM and THIER child! I get it, it's tough and scary for parents that have children with serious allergies, I feel for them I do but it is not okay to ask an entire school or class to cater to them! A nut allergy, I can understand asking that particular class to not have nuts, not the whole school but the class! But to ask to buy a freaking new WARDROB?!?!?! Are you joking? Hell NO. Home school or find another way to keep your child safe, it is not even close to acceptable to ask an entire school or class to get all new clothes! I can barely afford to keep up with how fast my kids grow and I sure as hell am not going to break the bank just for ONE child out of hundreds!  If that parent wanted to pay for the whole classes new wardrobe then I would consider it but otherwise the answer is absolutely not!

2baby... 2babymomma

yeah but i bet you would feel like total crap for the rest if your life if you killed an innocent child because of your desire to break the rules

nonmember avatar Stella

Sheesh, folks, have a little compassion. I get it, it's too much to ask everyone to buy a new wardrobe to accommodate this kid, but you don't have to be so obnoxious about it. I don't have any allergies and thankfully my kids don't either, but I sure feel for this family. What a horrible situation.

Flori... Floridamom96

No, 2babymomma, I would be horrified that their parent knowingly put them in a situation sure to be fraught with risk, and that they created a situation that exposed us to such a tragedy.

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