Octomom Could Be Getting High Around Her 14 Kids -- Wouldn't You?

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octomomLet's say you have 14 kids. I'm not thinking of anyone in particular (TOTALLY ABOUT OCTOMOM), I'm just saying hypothetically. That would make you a bit anxious, no? A lot of mouths to feed, chaos to manage. I mean, the whining alone could send you over the edge. So could you blame a mama for needing a little prescription to help her keep her head?

Some moms need meds, and I support that. And then there's Octomom. Supposedly, Nadya Suleman is taking pot to help her deal with her anxiety. I mean, who doesn't? She's got a medical marijuana card, and she's using it -- mostly for brownies and other tasty baked goods.

("Baked" goods -- you see what I did there? Heh heh, okay, moving right along.) Apparently Nadia left rehab for her Xanax addiction (!!!) just a couple days ago. So she can't take that anymore, but she still has that 14-child-induced anxiety. So what's a mama to do?

Medical marijuana, that's what. And I get it. Well, kind of. Here's the thing: She reportedly doesn't take it when the nannies are around, just when she's alone with the kids. I can see why she would feel like she needs the stuff more when she's on her own, and maybe the nannies feel uncomfortable around a high mama. But getting high while you're in charge of your 14 children sounds like the kind of story that ends with eight or so preschoolers wandering the streets with no pants. Know what I mean?

Look, I've "inhaled." We don't need to go into how recently, or how often, or how deeply, or what I said, or who I said it to, or what happened to my shoes afterwards. I just bring it up to say there is a WORLD of difference between the way marijuana makes you feel and the way Lorazepam makes you feel. A whole, wide, dreamy, world-beyond-time difference. (Seriously, has anyone seen my shoes?)

I thought the idea was that medical marijuana was supposed to help you relax in general. So why not take it instead when you have childcare back-up? I don't know -- we all metabolize the stuff differently. The same dose that would send me to la-la land might merely calm Nadya's frayed nerves and nothing more. I guess that's between her and her doctor.

Do you think it's a good idea for Octomom to take marijuana when she's alone with her kids?


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nonmember avatar blue

Are you an idiot? OF COURSE, she shouldn't be smoking this when she is alone with her kids. Why is this even a question. If you can't parent without smoking or taking drugs, you SHOULDN'T have kids. Period.

ABHol... ABHolling

If there is a choice between someone smoking marijuana and taking xanax by far the best choice is marijuana. I personally believe the writer is wrong when she suggests that the feeling lorazepam gives isn't as strong as marijuana...its worse. That stuff is poison and will knock you out and not remember anything. marijuana is not even close to the same. most people can fully function and lead normal lives when smoking. especially medical marijuana which is specifically grown and cultured to target certain problems. Its not the same as buying any old pot. it all gives different feelings because its meant for different things....i'm not sure how i feel about her doing it around FOURTEEN children though. It would be hard to keep track of them on a normal day. Maybe if she had a normal number of children it wouldn't be an issue.

nonmember avatar LJ

@Blue, marijuana is a relatively mild drug that is very helpful for anxiety. Would you prefer she take prescription anti-anxiety pills which have far more damaging side effects, including death?? In my opinion, smoking some marijuana every once in awhile for anxiety with as many kids as she has is far better than those anti depressants and anti anxiety meds that are handed out like candy.

nonmember avatar Dawn

If you need to get a medical marijuana card in order to parent your children, you don't deserve to be around those children. Ridiculous. If this were me, people would think I was out of my freaking mind. If I publicly stated that I did this, DCFS would knock on my door! Who is looking out for those kids???

nonmember avatar Shannon

This woman continues to demonstrate to world her extreme selfishness. She cannot take care of her kids, period. Admit it and hand them over to someone who is emotionally and financially prepared to do so. Every day she delays doing so just damages her children more.

nonmember avatar blue

LJ- Not, I said "parent." I was talking about WHILE she is parenting. If she can't be around her kids without doing drugs, then she shouldn't be around kids. I thought that was maybe common sense...

CPN322 CPN322

I honestly can't say as I have never smoked medical marijuana much less one cultivated to target anxiety.  I will, however, say that it is much less harmful to your body than prescription medication(the only harmful part of smoking marijuana is the act of smoking it). My only experience with marijuana has been regular, really good stuff and smoking it in oil form and let me tell you that screwed me up way worse than taking xanax when I genuinly have anxiety. If you have genuine anxiety, taking a benzo like xanax or lorazepam(which I hated, by the way) should do nothing but calm you down and possibly make you feel slightly off. If it knocks you out or makes you super drowsy, you either over medicated yourself, are on too high of a dose, are on the wrong medication or just plain old don't need it and have as much anxiety as a normal person should. I just hope that people will watch out for her kids and if she can't take care of them while using medical marijuana, I hope she will find another way to cope. She needs therapy. Medication is only a tiny part of the battle.

courtastic - I don't like that part either. Most children wouldn't think twice before swiping a brownie.

CPN322 CPN322

Also, I really don't know how anyone could smoke marijuana or even take xanax when they are alone with their children. I will NEVER be doing that. One time in my life I was forced to be around a friends sisters child after I had smoked(years ago) and I was SO uncomfortable. I couldn't drink or get drunk infront of a child either. I remember seeing some relatives very intoxicated at a family reunion when I was a child and it made me uncomfortable, possibly because my own parents didn't drink but I think I was also confused and a little freaked out by how an intoxicated person acted.

nonmember avatar Soon2beMommy

She clearly stated *eating* marijuana. She's not just lighting up with her kids sitting in front of her. I live in CA and also have a prescription for marijuana so I'm not one to judge. It honestly depends on the person ingesting it and how they are affected. If you can't function while under the influence of marijuana you clearly shouldn't be using it. Speaking from personal experience I much rather spark a joint than take the Zoloft, klonopin, seroquel cocktail I was prescribed by my OB. (Memory loss, leg spasms, hallucinations ect)

The thing that bothers me the most and why she should NOT be using marijuana is the fact I'm pretty sure she's on welfare/ CA cash aide so I'm pretty much paying for her to get high (Brownies and cookies range from $8 -$15 a peice at a cannabis collective) when she should have thought about how she was going to support all of those kids that she didn't even produce naturally. Tax payers foot her bill.

lalab... lalaboosh

I use medical marijauna, but not for parenting induced anxiety. I use it around my child, it only has a positive effect on my parenting. Instead of using all my energy trying to eat and keep food down, enduring pain, and being caught in a haze of depression and anxiety I can use it for caring for and interacting with my family. If her tolerance is high enough she's not impaired at all when MEDICATED, so stop assuming all mmj users are HIGH.

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