The Haunting Anti-Bullying Video You NEED to See (VIDEO)

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BullyingWhen it comes to blatant bullying, everyone can agree it's not acceptable. However, there's also a line at which I think many question if we've become too quick to call every little slight or slam bullying. Isn't some of it just kids being kids, "sticks and stones" and all of that? Don't kids need to learn to grow a thicker skin?

Perhaps in some cases, but a powerful spoken word poem and accompanying video that's gone viral recently really puts into perspective just how harmful some of those "little" incidents can be. It's from Shane Koyczan, who has launched the "To This Day Project" with a mission to explore the impact bullying can have on kids for life. 

Posted just two days ago, the haunting and powerful video has already been viewed more than 1.1 million times. I'll warn you that it's not easy to watch, but it's something everyone should see -- parents, children, educators, and anyone who has ever been bullied.

It starts with Koyczan talking about how he was called names as a child ("pork chop," specifically), then touches on the stories of several others who were bullied as children, including a girl who had a sign that read "Beware of Dog" taped to her desk by children in the third grade. It illustrates how the devastating effects of those incidents still haunt them as adults today.

While kids may always be kids, it doesn't mean that we should tolerate them being cruel to one another ever. We have to work harder to teach them that hurting someone with words is just as bad as hurting them physically -- sometimes even worse. A new study confirms that people who were bullied as kids are at risk for a whole slew of problems in their lives, such as suicide, anxiety, and depression.

We've got to put a stop this. There are so many things we can't control that harm our children, like cancer and disease, but this is something we as a society can change. We just have to try harder. Start by watching this video and sharing it with those you know.

What do you think of this video?


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twili... twilightsbella

What i cant understand is why these kids commit suicide cuz they r bullied i was also bullied in school was attacked and picked on everyday but i stayed strong and still stood up to them im still here and alive i just dnt understand

eupeptic eupeptic

When I was in 4th grade I learned how to not take insults and negative judgments of me personally (by having the attitude that those who judge and insult others lack self-esteem/self-worth [they feel small]... and putting others down makes them feel as though they are bigger than those that they insult and/or judge negatively. What they say is not the truth about who I am but rather an expression of who they are: negative and judgmental. As such there is no good reason for me to be insulted by people who are so negative towards others and feel so low in life that the only way they can figure out how to better themselves [based on their own view rather than from an objective view of who they are] is by insulting others. Instead, understanding that allowed me to feel compassion for those who lack the knowledge and ability to be able to take control over their own life in a positive way.) and wished that I had been taught that at a much earlier age as that significantly reduced the amount of stress that I experienced from then on.

This video is attention-grabbing (and it should help bring up the topic of bullying and treating others with respect) but it also strongly expresses the "I am a victim" attitude that people can largely learn to overcome (as I described above) which allows them to take control over their own life rather than be controlled (or victimized) by others.

Reali... Reality_check

Honestly, I cried. "Despite a loving husband, she doesn't think she is beautiful" Really got me. Though I may not have a birth mark that covers half my face, I'm overweight. I have been since a child. Doctors can't explain why I gained so much weight except maybe because when I was 4-5 I had pneumonia, the steroids they gave me may have caused it. But in school, everyone called me fat. Even a girl who was 3x bigger than me (Width wise) Yet nobody made fun of her... No matter what you tell yourself "Sticks and stones" Or "they just have low self-esteem" The words they say stay with you forever. You may not actively remember day to day, but it takes only one thing to bring it all back to the surface and suffer through it all over again. I have anxiety, depression, and because everyone always told me things (that may have not been true about me) Like being "stupid, or ugly" It latched itself to me and I cannot get it off. It whispers in my ear these things, over and over, though my rational mind tries to ignore it, it gets louder, and when everything around me is silent I begin to think "Is it really true?"                      

Jessica Brown

sometimes its not just the bullying at school that leads children to make the choices they make. sometimes to them, they are not choices, they are a means to an end. most of these kids walk through life not caring what molly said, or how mike threw food at them at lunch, or even that jack threw water at their pants to look like that they went to the bathroom in their pants. its what is happening behind the closed doors that push them over the edge. its the fact that they lay in bed at night wondering if their own mother loves them, thinking that she couldnt possibly love me, because if she did then should wouldnt let my step dad hit me, and when i ask her why does she let it happen and her response is, because he is here forever and your just here until your 18. thats what drags the heart down. so these kids feel like they need to beat themselves us everyday just to for get the pain of feeling unlove and not worth it. and if they make the choice to keep pushing through some how some way, they will never recover from the feeling of being unlove. even when their knight in shining does come, they wount even know.... sometimes other things take the place of love, like drugs, food, hoarding.... i know this because i lived this, everyday.....

debra... debramommyof4

I still see myself as less than nothing.  I am not amazing and wonderful.  My kids and my husband look at me and see beauty.  The only things I see that I did right was my kids.  They are my beauty and grace and wonder.  I was abused when I was little.  Told at home and school I was nothing.  It is hard not to believe it when you are told that for years. 

All those asking why the kids who were bullied committed suicide when you didn't, there was probably more that they went through than just bullying at school and from kids.  Adults can be cruel too.  Even if they had the best parents, some teachers bully kids, strangers and other family members too.  Maybe they were bore sensitive.  If you bullied my 7 year old it would hurt her feelings and she would probably beat you up when she got done crying, but her sister who is 6 would take those words and believe them and cry and do self destructive things because she would just know she was ugly, bad, stupid.  None of those things are true but she would not be able to believe that even if I told her if say a teacher or one of our family friends told her she was. 

Bullying is a major problem in this world.  It is hard to fight and hard to stop but if we all teach our children to stand up for not only themselves but others then we will teach them to make this world a better place.

nonmember avatar Zuri

I liked this video, but I think it may be a little bit dramatic. There were always a few kids who were just mean ever since first grade, but the bullying started in fourth grade. I became interested in chickens for some reason. I joined a chicken keeper forum, wrote stories about chickens, visited farms, and helped raise 16 chickens over two years. The other kids treated me like a freak. I had lots of friends when I was a little kid, but all of a sudden no one really wanted to hang out with me. Sometimes I would find friends, but between a few weeks and a few months of hanging out with them, they would tell me they didn't want to be my friends because I was too clingy. I was also cyberbullied on the chicken forum I joined by a group of high school girls (I was 10 at the time.) I eventually lost interest in the chickens, but by then it was too late. No one liked me. I hated recess because I knew I would be alone or abandoned within ten minutes. By the end of fifth grade, I had a few people with whom I had weak bonds, but I would have to leave them. I moved. (to be continued)

Ariel Evans

reality_check: it's like you've read my mind. 

I've watched this video several times and that lines get me every time too: "Despite a loving husband, she doesn't think she is beautiful". I was told I wasn't pretty by family members. I was told I needed to lose weight. I was only called beautiful when I dressed up in something that just wasn't me (pageant dress (once) and then wasn't told when I wore the same dress for high school prom---because I wasn't wearing the same pageanty make up)....and that was all close family. It's rough. I was always picked on because of my voice (it's deeper than most girls). I've been made fun of because I have always been put in leadership roles and I'm strict...even now as a teacher I am (even though I teach PreK). I am still teased for that from co-workers. It's a constant reminding of 'these aren't bad are a great person'. I don't have diagnosed depression, anxiety or any thing else. BUT it doesn't mean I don't think about everything I have been told through my life...all the time. 

Rachel Frances Reyes

I teach my daughter just not to take things seriously and I talk to her everyday,if you ignorw your kids of course they are going to be afraid to say anything.

heydo... heydooney

I was bullied in middle school through high school, but what I had that was different from most was an amazing family. My mom sat and held me while I cried night after night even though I wouldn't tell her exactly what was going on. My parents never let a day go by without making sure I knew I was loved and I was important. I cut for a long time and I wished I was dead several times, but eventually the voices of those who loved me became louder than those who didn't and I started to believe them rather than the haters. YOU can be that for your child. Maybe you can't stop it from happening when they're at school, but you CAN counteract that terrible message. And one amazing thing happens when your child begins to love him- or herself: THEY become that voice to other kids who don't have it at home.

EmmaF... EmmaFromEire

Glad to see so many of you totally missed the point of his video. Yep, it sure is lovely that you felt you managed to ignore other people, but not everyone gets to. And for those who don't understand how bullying can lead to suicide- there's often an underlying problem, depression or bipolar disorder or another equally as vicious mental illness. When you're in that spiral you will believe anything that is said to you. You do feel worthless, and you do feel as though the world would be a better place without you, and as though everyone would be able to be happier without you.

eupeptic, sometimes you are a victim. If you are bullied, then YOU ARE A DAMN VICTIM.

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