Adults Force Little Girls to Fistfight Each Other: Where Were Their Moms?!

girls fightingBullying -- physical and emotional -- is a huge problem in this country. Most adults try to protect our chidren from being hurt. But in a recent video posted online, two little girls (about 9 years old) are actually surrounded and encouraged by adults to fight.

It's sad and horrible.

The video of the two girls fighting, which was originally posted on YouTube and then found by Gothamist, doesn't specify who the people egging the little girls on are so we don't know if any of the chilcren's parents were involved.

We hope not.

The adults say things like "Pull her hair"; "Slap her"; and "Kick her. Just do it!" can be heard from behind the camera. The two little girls just stand there staring at each other at first, clearly not wanting to engage in this. But eventually, one gives into the pressure and pulls the other girl's hair. The girl who's being attacked eventually breaks free and starts sobbing uncontrollably while the grown-ups around her laugh. When she catches her breath for a minute, she asks: "Why are you laughing?"

Gothamist reached out to the person who originally posted the video to YouTube, and unsurprisingly, they haven't heard anything back. They also forwarded the clip on to NYC's Administration for Children's Services, who's currently reviewing it. I pray that whoever was involved with this gets caught. This is an absolutely horrific thing, and these two kids deserve a hell of a lot more.

With adults who encourage behavior like that, how can we ever hope to put an end to bullying for good?

What do you think of this?

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DebaLa DebaLa

Thanks TS for the heads-up. I will not watch a video further exploiting the abuse of a minor. Definitely not on a mommy blog. Bye

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

Why even circulate this filth? Write about it, fine...but posting the vid? Horrible :(

Sara Harrah

truly disturbing and I didn't even watch the video

ihave... ihavetwo2

What is wrong with you? You are only further exploiting these girls by reporting it. Seriously?? And you are just doing exactly what those sick jerks who filmed this wanted. You are spreading it. Clearly you care but did not think this out before you posted it.

Blanca Acevedo

I really think this is necessary to watch cause it shows us how stupid adults are in the world!!They need to find out who these kids are so they can get help and not become criminals in society!

Panda... PandaPop83

I'm all for my kids being able to stand up for themselves, but this is all wrong. These people egging them on should definitely be arrested.

Lucy Wikeley

My youngest 8 came home last night after bashing his ankle on his bike when he fell off it whilst 2 ADULTS stood and LAUGHED-he's 8!!! It was less than 100 feet from home!! And I thought we lived in a nice street!

Lucy Wikeley

As for this video I see why we shouldn't watch it (seen as encouragement) but adults or teens seriously need finding and sentencing and those little girls need proper support which they won't get until someone recognises something/one and reports those 'responsible' and I use that word ironically!!!

Lucy Wikeley

PS google little kids fighting egged on by adults in whatever way you choose to word it and several different videos pop up This is one sick world and it's getting worse ....turning a blind eye will not make it better for the victims!! It's time to fight back and say enough is enough get the bad guys locked up!!

Karen Dowling-Barth

You should be able to turn to an adult for help in this situation.  Where does this baby go for help from a grown up when they are acting like this?  My heart breaks for this little girl who was beat up.

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